Virtual Doctor Visits Safely From Home

Though all opinions are my own, this blog post is sponsored by SSM Health Virtual Visits.

Doctor visit right from my phone

As we are all figuring out how to navigate through a pandemic, I know one thing is for sure, we are sticking a little closer to home these days. I’ve mastered grocery shopping through delivery services and curbside pick-ups for all the essentials. The thought of one of us getting sick and going to a clinic, has me feeling a little uneasy. It’s truly the last place I want to go right now.

I’m so grateful to have learned about SSM Virtual visits. For $25 {no insurance needed} you can have a virtual doctor appointment from the comfort and safety of your own home. If one of kids complains about ear pain, or has red, itchy eyes, I know I can get my questions answered in an easy and convenient way right from home.

How it Works

  1. Complete an online questionnaire {5-15 minutes} from your smart phone or home computer based on what a provider would ask during an in-person visit. You may be asked to submit photos for better care. From your mobile device, it will look as simple as this:
Select A Reason For Your Visit
Answer Some Basic Questions

2. If during normal business hours {9am – 7:30pm Monday-Friday and 10am – 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday} you will receive a video visit or phone call from an SSM health provider. Usually within 15 minutes – but always less than 60 minutes. **Expect follow-up first thing in the morning if the visit was started after hours.

3. A treatment plan from an SSM provider will be discussed over the phone or video visit. If a prescription is necessary it will immediately be sent to your pharmacy.

How east does this sound? A doctor appointment from the safety of your home with a treatment plan within an hour.

Learn more about SSM virtual visits here. Here are some answers to some questions you may have:


What can I be seen for?

Patients can be treated virtually for non-urgent, health conditions such as cold, flu, sinus infection, diaper rash, pink eye, bladder infections, heartburn, and allergies to name a few.

How much is the visit?

The visit is $25. If the provider is NOT able to treat you virtually, you are NOT charged. You may pay by credit card or Health Savings Account.

Do I have to be a member of SSM Health Group to have a virtual visit?

No! Anyone can take advantage of these easy appointments! You don’t have to have insurance either.

As always thank you for reading and make it a great day!

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