The Necklace I Never Take Off

I have received a few questions about a necklace you see in almost every photo. My meaningful necklace featuring the first letter of my children’s names.  It is my favorite necklace, that never leaves my neck.  I have to share it with you!

Of course, I love this necklace because it is sentimental to me.  I knew I wanted to wear something to honor my children, but for a long time, I didn’t know what that was.  Many necklaces were bulky and too much for me to wear every day.  I maybe thought of small rings with their birthstones….I wasn’t sure.  But then, I saw a close friend of mine with a beautiful, simple initial of her daughter around her neck and I knew instantly that’s what I wanted too!  I then saw another mom at school with the same type of necklace and it turns out they were both the same brand, Maya Brenner.  

I have always been attracted to dainty jewelry for everyday wear.  I love a small necklace at my neckline that I can wear every day and looks good layered with other pieces.  This Maya Brenner necklace was exactly what I had been looking for.  I slyly {or not} sent John an email with the information about this necklace and mentioned I would really like it for Christmas. Low and behold it showed up under the tree!  **Side note: If you are thinking you may want this as a Christmas gift, speak up now.  A few years ago you had to purchase by a date in October to ensure Christmas delivery.

The necklace features the finest chain and most delicate letters.  There are many ways you can personalize your necklace. Letters, gems, or little charms. You can also choose the placements of these items to make it exactly what you want.  Each necklace is handmade and truly a piece of art. These pieces of jewelry cost more than costume jewelry, but for real gold, and the quality, they are very fairly priced.

Not only is the jewelry beautiful, but Maya Brenner’s customer service is amazing. Recently, my adorable, sweet, loving son {who I wear a “T” for every day because I love him to pieces}, caught my delicate necklace with his flailing arms during a tantrum and broke it. I was devastated. I immediately contacted the company via email and explained what had happened.  I have to say, I have not experienced customer service like this in a long time.  A Maya Brenner staff member immediately responded back explaining how we could get this fixed.  They were so on top of it and very accommodating.

Since I was sending my beloved necklace to California for repair, I inquired about adding a diamond as this is something new {since I originally was gifted my necklace years ago} they offer.  I thought adding a diamond would give my necklace that extra touch of special. I did ultimately decide to add the diamond while it was in for repair.  In this process, I ran into a slight billing problem as I was double-charged, but again, the issue was fixed instantaneously (they ACTUALLY called me to fix the problem. Do companies even do this anymore?)!  I was blown away. I’ve also heard from a friend that adding another letter is a really easy and quick process as well.

If you are looking for a sentimental piece of jewelry.  This is what you should get.  I get asked many times about where my necklace is from, and I am so proud to share with people this great brand. It’s not only perfect to honor children, but maybe for a new bride {with her new married name initial}, or to remember someone special who is no longer with us.  The possibilities are endless with customization.  I truly don’t think you can go wrong with this beautiful piece.  It’s a classic style that you will always wear.  With this necklace, I feel my babies are always close to my heart.  What else does a mama need?!

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