The Knit Blazer

Timeless and Polished Pieces

This outfit is timeless, and each piece in itself will be something you can wear multiple ways.  I have always loved the look of a blazer with jeans.  It’s chic and never goes out of style.


The knit blazer is as cozy as a sweatshirt, and very polished looking.  If you are a professional that has to dress up for work, this would be an awesome piece to add to your wardrobe.  It can easily be dressed up or down.  A scarf would be a great addition to this blazer, and the top underneath could really change the look, think t-shirt vs. cami.

A simple grey tank.  Can’t go wrong with this.  I personally, really like to wear tank tops under jackets.  The sleeves of the jacket feel more comfortable to me when wearing a tank.  This price of this tank is right too!

These jeans are my current favorite.  You’ll be hearing a lot more about them as the season goes on.  For the price ($70), they are the BEST.  They are stretchy, a thick denim, stay up, and DO NOT stretch out.  I have tried on hundreds of pair of designer jeans and never buy them because I know I have these waiting for me in my closet.  They come in a lot of colors and distressed and not-distressed.  They are high waist.  Seriously, order them (free shipping) and try them!  Size up one size, they run a tad small.

Okay, these shoes!  They really deserve their own post.  I picked them up at the beginning of the month as I needed some new summer wedges that were neutral.  I scored big time with these.  They are so comfortable despite the height.  I love the height for summer looks because adding a heel (especially in a neutral color) elongates the leg and makes your legs look hot.  I’ve worn them with skirts, dresses, and today jeans and they look awesome with all of them.  PLUS, they are on sale! I know we are ending the sandal season, but you’ll still get wear out these as long as the weather is nice and your closet will thank you next summer when you have these waiting for you.

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