The Hottest Trend Of 2019 – Snakeskin Print

There is a pattern that is taking over fashion at the current minute, and that’s – snakeskin!! We’ve certainly seen this print for a few years slowly slithering its way into fashion, but I feel it’s at a current all time high. Do I love it?! Heck yes! The neat thing about this print, it comes in so many forms of fashion pieces making it so easy to add a pop of this chic print to any look.

I really think snakeskin print is quite neutral. I feel the same about leopard print or any animal print for that matter. What makes snakeskin so easy to incorporate into an outfit is the blend of colors that make it up. Blacks, greys and, browns are usually part of the print that make it so easy to mix with other neutrals you already have in your closet. Adding a pop of snakeskin is a stylish way to break up a plain or monochromatic outfit. 

Here’s the cool thing about this print and how popular it is, you can literally find anything in snakeskin print right now. Shoes, belts, bags, swim, tops…the list could on, but I think your understanding what I am saying. 

H&M Snakeskin Print Shorts

In the photo below I am wearing a bodysuit from H&M {of course it sold out in a hot minute so I can’t direct you to that exact one}. I can say however, that I have been LOVING H&M’s selection of snakeskin print. It really is beautifully done for the price. Along with some H&M snakeskin finds, I have put all my favorite’s for you to check out below. Make sure you have at least one snakeskin item in your wardrobe this year. It will definitely make you look not so plain. 

Photos for this post by Kaley Rae Photography

As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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