The Black Jumpsuit

Do you have a black jumpsuit in your wardrobe? They are certainly EVERYWHERE this year. The jumpsuit is making a huge presence in the style world this spring and summer. I personally love a good jumpsuit, romper, ya know what I mean, right? I agree, it can be a bit tricky to find one that fits properly. Read on for the easiest type to shop for. Hint: as seen above.

The easiest, most comfortable and forgiving jumpsuit to try is going to be a black knit style. I promise once you find one that works for you, it will be like wearing pajamas. There are so many styles available, full length wide leg, jogger leg (as seen above), or cropped wide leg (perfect for my petite ladies). All you can do with these one-piece wonders is to try them on when you *think* you spot a good one.

The tricky part about finding a jumpsuit is the fit. It’s all about the the cut and proportions of the specific one you are trying on. How long is the rise? Is the waist cut short or long? You won’t know until you try it. Trust me when I say I’ve been laughing at some I have brought in the fitting room to try on. Another trick, for my taller ladies, don’t be afraid to size up to gain some length. You may be surprised that this could make all of the difference. You generally want this style of jumpsuit lose fitting. One that’s too tight, may have you looking like Cat Woman {but hey, if that’s your jam, go with it!}.

The particular black knit jumpsuit I am wearing is a really light weight knit. It’s so soft and incredibly stretchy. Seriously, like a pair of pajamas. I know this will be my future travel outfit.

The next time you see a knit black jumpsuit, don’t be intimidated! Give it a try. These are very easy to accessorize with different shoes and accessories to create many looks.

Shop my favorite black knit jumpsuits:


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