Stay Shady

The Not So Plain Sunglasses Edition

How is everyone’s week going? We have been in the Twin Cities area, where I grew up, for the week staying with family. It has been so wonderful to see friends and family. It’s truly what my soul needed and I feel so full and ready to attack the craziness of all life will bring in the coming weeks as school starts.

Before summer ends, I had to share some of my favorite sunglasses. I love to accessorize as you will learn and I think sunnies are so fun and make such an impact on the overall style of a look. I know, I know what you are thinking. I can’t afford five pair of the sunglasses I want because they are all AT LEAST $100. I am here to tell you, you don’t have to spend a lot on sunglasses!

I used to only buy designer brands of shades, then I had kids, then I lost three pair totaling almost $1000 {because when I am running into a store I have way more to worry about than where to put my precious sunglasses – like my toddler eating food right out of the produce department, or jumping out of the cart, or Lord knows what they are putting in the cart} and I couldn’t stomach to lose another expensive pair so something had to change. I started buying chepo knockoffs and I LOVE it! I don’t have to fret if they break, get scratched against my keys in my purse, if my kids play with them with their greasy fingers, or if I lose them.

Some of my favorite places to pick up a fun, affordable, and fashionable pair are the Nordstrom BP Department {aka junior department}, Francesca’s, and Target!  White sunnies are very popular – so fun! And these have been a go-to as you can see in many of my photos. I have managed to save and keep one special pair of sunglasses. These are my date-night/girls night out glasses. They are a classic style that have been around for years so making the splurge is worth it. Shop below and you will be SO excited to see how affordable all of these great pair are!

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Photos for this post by Kaley Rae Photography

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