Spring Capsule Wardrobe

We are in the midst of some crazy times. Most of us are spending more time at home and many of us plan to organize and clean. As you tackle the job of cleaning out your closet, use this post as a guideline of what to keep and what you no longer need.

Perhaps you don’t know what a “capsule wardrobe” is. Let’s discuss that first. “Capsule” is kind of a buzz word for the essential items in your closet. They are the basics that you can mix or match with each other. These essential items are in neutral colors {black, grey, navy, tan, olive green, blush, burgundy, cream, white}. Yes, some prints can be considered neutral like animal print or polka-dots.

I am sharing what the capsule items are and some of my favorite items for each category. Everyone’s capsule items are individual to them and their style. Perhaps you can wear jeans every day to work, then you may have more jeans as opposed to if you wear suits every day for work. This is simply a guide to work from.

Denim Jacket

For spring in the midwest light layers are essential. You can never go wrong throwing a denim jacket on. They work with everything from skirts and dresses, to a black or white pair of jeans.

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Basic Tops

These basic tops are what you can wear under jackets or alone. They can be knit, or a little more dressy depending on your work attire. For basic layering pieces, I really LOVE bodysuits. They stay tucked in and don’t add extra bulk. Consider a stripe as well, always a classic! See below, “Shop Tops” for a variety of tops that make great layering pieces and look good on their own.

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Button-Down Shirt

This type of top is not going to be for everyone. If it’s not, have some more basic options {as listed above}. I personally love a button-down every once in a while and have one in my closet. A white button-down and the classic blue stripe are perfect for a crisp spring look.

Layering a buttondown under a cardigan

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Black Ponte Pants

This is a year-round capsule and essential item in your closet. A black pair of classic skinny-leg black pants. Ponte pants are a hybrid of a dress pant/legging and a double knit. These pants can easily be dressed up or down.

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Knit Dress

A simple knit dress is an absolute favorite of mine. I tend to go towards a black one {no surprise there}. Wear this dress alone on warm days, layer a denim jacket over and add accessories to really change up the look. I recently picked up this black knit midi dress, and I KNOW it will be a most worn item.

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Having one go-to skirt in your closet is a great option. Depending on what you pair skirts really dresses them up or down. Think the shoes and top pair with them…work to casual, right? I am partial to a pleated midi skirt. I love how versatile they are. Some women are really attracted to an a-line skirt style. Whatever your style is, have a skirt as an option.

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One amazing, great fitting pair of jeans is essential. Ankle/cropped style is most versatile. I also like darker denim as they are easier to dress up and always flattering. I really like a white pair of jeans for spring too. If you can find a great pair you love they will add a lot to your wardrobe and really change up outfits.

Favorite dark denim jeans

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A Go-To Dress

A great fitting, flattering dress that you can pull out for a wedding, a big meeting at work, or a bridal shower, is a must in your closet. This dress will look different for each woman depending on their body type and style. You can never go wrong with black, but for spring a floral is always a great option.

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Blazer/Moto Jacket/Cardigan

Depending on your specific style, a blazer, moto jacket, or cardigan falls into this category. A go-to layering piece you can wear over one of your tops to add that extra layer. I love this tan jacket for spring as it goes with everything and the tan color is lighter than the standard black. This blazer is also perfect for spring as it’s a lighter material and color.

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Trench Coat

Each season has it’s a piece of outerwear that is essential. For spring it’s the trench coat. Wear over a dress, over jeans, it works with everything! I love my trench coat that is under $50! It’s gorgeous and for the second spring, it has not let me down.

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Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

  • Denim Jacket
  • Basic Tees
  • Button-Down Shirt
  • Knit Dress
  • Go-To Amazing Dress {more formal than knit}
  • Ponte Pants
  • Jeans {cropped, straight/skinny leg}
  • Skirt
  • Blazer/Moto Jacket
  • Trench Coat

Spring Capsule Accessories

  • Sunglasses
  • Handbag – Straw, Bamboo, Clear
  • Minimal Everyday Jewelry
  • Floral Printed Scarf

Spring Capsule Shoes

  • Sneakers
  • Classic heel in black or nude
  • Flat Shoe
  • Nude Sandal

My heart is with each of you during this time. I know what I share in this little space is not important compared to what is going on in the world right now. If this post took you away from it for 5 minutes, then I feel like I have don’t my little part.

Working with classic, neutral items in your closet means you don’t need as many clothes and you can mix and match within your own closet to create a lot of different looks. How is your capsule going to look?

As always, thank you for reading and make it a great day!

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