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I have owed this post to you all for a while now – since I had that dreaded {I mean, results driven} chemical peel. After the chemical peel and the uncomfortableness I focus really hard on being disciplined with my skin care routine.  After all, I have fresh, radiant, virtually flawless skin and I want to keep it that way.  Here’s my secret to great skin – medical grade skincare products.

As some of you may or may not know, I spent close to five years working at a cosmetic surgery center.  This experience really opened my eyes to a whole new world of results driven skin care products. I was buying skincare at a department store, spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars and seeing minimal results.  I settled for them because I didn’t know that medical grade skin care was an option.

In my mid-twenties I started developing hyperpigmination (dark spots) on my face, and I was like what the heck is happening?  I remember leading up to our wedding seeking care from a dermatologist to help reduce the visibility of these spots.  He prescribed me some orange liquid to apply to my face which did absolutely NOTHING except make me look like a pumpkin.  He truly had no real interest in helping me with something that really bothered me. To this day I still don’t like close up shots of me in my wedding pictures because all I see are those dreaded spots!  Had I known what I know today about medical aestheticians/medi spas, they wouldn’t have been there.

To get the medical grade skin care products I use,  I see Amanda Reed of Amanda Reed Skin Care. This medical spa offers professional and results driven treatments as well as the skin care products I have grown to love. Amanda offers a complimentary consultation to get to know your skin and to suggest which products and treatments will work to address your skin concerns.

I have had absolutely amazing results working with Amanda over the nearly 10 years I have known her.  She’s treated my skin with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning to eliminate my hyperpigmintation and suggests products that will keep my skin glowing and spot free.  I honestly don’t use a lot of products on my skin.  I am too tired at night to apply ten things.  My routine is really simple, but effective.

Chemical Peel Before and After

Obagi Clenziderm Facial Wash

I don’t know WHY, but I still get my fair share of acne breakouts.  This product containing salicylic acid really helps. Use: Each morning


NeoStrata Ultra Soothing Daytime Lotion

Really light and quick absorbing also has an SPF.  Has Alpha Hydroxy Acids to smooth skin.  Use: Each morning


Revision Papya Enzyme Cleanser

Smooths skins, gently exfoliates.  It’s seems so innocent, but really gives a great glow.  Use: Nightly


Obagi Clear

This product has the prescription strength hydroquinone to keep dark spots away. Use: Nightly



Prescription Strength fine line reducer, helps keep dead skin off.  Use: Nightly

Revision Finishing Touch

An at home microdermabrasion-like scrub. Smooths and softens skin.  Use: Once a week


Revision DEJ Eye Cream

Under eye cream.  I feel my under eyes are hopeless, but better to use something than nothing!  Use: Nightly

Clarisonic Brush

I use each morning in the shower to wash my face.  I have used this brush for 9 years and my skin doesn’t feel clean unless I use it.

Revision Intellishade

A fantastic tinted moisturizer that I use for makeup for an everyday, light coverage look.  It is tinted, has an SPF, and is very moisturizing.  A favorite among so many who try it!

I am sure you are thinking these products are uber expensive.  They are NOT!  They are often less than department store products.  You only need to use a small amount of these excellent products so they last a long time {often 6 months for me}.  Currently Amanda Reed Skin is offering a special, 20% off of all products thru the end of November!!! Use code Sale20 at checkout.

I have linked everything through Amanda Reed Skincare’s website.  She does offer the purchase of certain products online. Please note, some products are not available online and must be purchased in person {prescription products}.  If you are looking for a change in your skin, I highly recommend seeing a medical aesthetician. If you don’t live in the Madison area, find a medical skin care clinic {they are very popular now} and start there.


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