Shop Small, Shop Local

We are Madison, WI.

Here in this little town I live in, Madison, Wisconsin, we have some wonderful little shops.  It is a mission of mine in creating this blog to make these shops known to as many people as I can. Supporting these stores supports us all.  It gives us a place we love, and are proud to call home.

In creating Not Your Plain Sarah Jane, I have reached out to many of these store owners.  Let me tell you, they are all wonderful, bright, caring people.  They all have a dream and they all have put their life, soul and spirit into these special boutiques. Making a purchase at one of these stores gives them life.  Basically, after you make a purchase, as you walk out the door, they are doing a little happy dance inside. Here are some of my favorite local shops:

Children’s Stores

Tradition Children’s Market


Satura Baby and Home

Women’s Clothing/Gifts

Chauette Home

Z. Bella

Luco Boutique and Style Co.


Pier South

Purple Goose


Karen and Co.

Grasshopper Goods

Therese Zache Designs

Men’s Clothing/Gifts

R. West Brook Mercantile

Pier South


Specialty Food Items

Underground Meats

Bavaria Sausage House

Infusion Chocolates

Gift Shops/Home

Little Luxuries

The Bruce Company


Shop Small.  Shop Local.  We are Madison.


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