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My life is really not exciting! It feels most days I’m just trying to meet my deadlines and not forget the empty cereal box I am supposed to pack for one of the kids to bring to school. However, as a mom trying to do it all, I think it’s interesting to get a little insight into how we, as moms and busy women, try to make it all work.

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If you are new here, I stay home with my two children 7 and 4, do this blogging thing and have a husband that travels a lot. Each day is a little different, but here’s a general idea:

6:10 – Alarm goes off

I try and get up by 6:20 – 6:30. I always throw on workout clothes. It definitely helps me create a mindset and leaves little room for excuses to not get some activity in. My favorite workout clothes are all here in a post. I live in these leggings!

Before I wake up the kids I will start a load of laundry {most days}, make coffee and prep breakfast.

6:40 – Wake up the kids for school

Thomas heads to preschool M, W, F. It’s seriously like herding cats most mornings. I help the kids get dressed, comb hair, then serve breakfast. {I was a mom who said I’d never feed my kid’s cereal, but that hasn’t lasted…all about quick, easy, and something they will actually eat. I buy the healthier cereals – but they aren’t really that great}.

While the kids are eating I pack snack and cold lunch for Lizzy if that’s what she’s having that day. I also unpack the dishwasher from the night before.

If I had a quarter for every time I said, “Eat your breakfast, we have to go!” and “Did you brush your teeth?” during the morning, I’d be sharing a lot more designer items on this blog ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s as if the kids forget the routine even though we’ve been doing it for nearly 100 days.

The mornings John is in town, he helps me get the kids packed up which is such a treat.

I bring a to-go cup of coffee for school drop off. **I do intermittent fasting and don’t eat until around 12 pm. So, I don’t worry about what to feed myself {which is so easy}.

7:20 – Leave for school

Our goal is to leave by 7:20, but it’s more like 7:30 {and winter is real fun to dress the kids in all the gear and finding that missing mitten takes an extra 5 minutes}. We play the song game on the way to school. Thomas and Lizzy each get to choose a song. We’ve been jammin’ to the Alladin soundtrack these days.

8:00 – I head back home

Three mornings a week I am childless after drop off. Most days I come home and make our beds and clean up breakfast if I didn’t get to before I left for drop-off.

Depending on the day of the week I head to the gym for a 9 am class, or will do a quick workout at home and then shower. Morning’s Thomas is at school I schedule any appointments, meetings and try to make my social media post for the day {I’ll just tell you that posting a simple photo and linking outfits is about 1-2 hours of time, a lot goes into it!}.

11:30 – Pick-up Thomas from pre-school

All moms know these 3.5 hours fly by!!! It’s also hard that many retailers don’t open until 10. It’s really only an hour window to run to certain errands. If you see me out and about I’m usually in a rush.

12 – Lunch

Thomas will eat lunch, watch a show and play. He doesn’t nap any longer {sometimes in the car}. Depending on my to-do list, I attempt computer work, clean something or do laundry, all while keeping Thomas occupied and out of trouble ๐Ÿ™‚ I also try to prep or think about dinner before I head back to school to pick up Lizzy.

2:40 – School Pick-Up

**Note, we are not on the bus route for our school. It’s certainly our choice, but lots of driving back and forth with Thomas being part-time. Next year will be much better when he’s in school full-time.

3:00 – Home – afternoon activities

My goal is to have everything I need done {phone calls, computer work} by the time Lizzy is home from school. I really can’t count on getting ANYTHING productive done in this afternoon window. It’s checking for homework, unpacking the lunch box, starting homework and starting to think dinner.

3:30 – Off to dance, swimming or basketball depending on the night

On Tuesday’s we head to dance 4-5:30 {that’s our night we grab dinner out}. Wednesday’s, it’s swimming at 4:00, and Thursday’s Lizzy has basketball 6-7:15. I know, it’s a lot, but she WANTS to do all of these things and we are supportive of her trying new things {we did dance and swimming last year, but basketball is new this winter}. She loves them all and is always excited to go. I, on the other hand, would love to be home all night ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, yes, Thomas is schlepped along to all of these places. He doesn’t always go willingly, which I understand. It’s not easy being the little brother. Overall, he’s a good sport. He does swimming and basketball which we do during weekday hours.

A lot of time in the car

6ish – Dinner

Depending on the night, we either wait for John to get home from work for dinner or if he’s traveling, we eat earlier – anytime after 5:00 {the earlier the better}. I clean up dinner while giving Lizzy her spelling words.

6:30 – Dance Party

For years now, the kids will throw on music {Hey Alexa!} and have a little dance party while I get the kitchen picked up. Lately, they have been getting into a costume which is so funny to watch.

6:45/7:00 – Bath and starting bed routine

Getting Thomas in his bed and reading books by 7:15 is my goal – Lizzy right after. The whole routine {when I’m solo} goes until about 8 pm. I read to each child separately and lay with them.

8:30 – Evening Organization

I go back downstairs, pick up toys, check backpacks {check the calendars to make ensure we have anything special needed for school}.

9:00 – Me time

This usually means catching up with John {having adult conversations} and blog work.

10:00 – Bedtime

I like to get to bed around 10. I usually am up until about 10:30/11. I try really hard to not be on my phone once I get into bed. It keeps me up for hours!

So, it’s busy! I create the business myself. I am not a person to sit and not do anything. When people ask what shows I’m watching, I don’t have ANY – I really don’t have time to watch tv. I will throw on HGTV, the Tennis Channel, or John will have on a sporting event. I love getting into a good show, but the last year or two it’s become really hard to do.

If you follow me on social media you see I do get out in the evenings. It’s either some type of event, dinner with a girlfriend, or a hair appointment. I am a stickler for only being away from home one night a week. Being away from the kids on a school night is difficult for them and me {and John}. It’s really about calendar management and I’ve learned I just have to say NO to certain things.

Staying Organized Among the Schedule

  1. I run my dishwasher each night even if it’s not full. It helps keep the kitchen clean during by having it empty. I unpack the dishwasher each morning while the kids are eating breakfast.
  2. I make sure to bring everything in from the car each time we come home. With kids, there is so much stuff in the car – art projects, snack wrappers, mittens, the toy they had to bring when we left the house, to name a few popular items. If we didn’t do this our car would look like a garbage can real quick.
  3. I set countless alarms on my phone each day reminding me of things – primarily when I have to leave to pick up the kids. I easily get wrapped up in tasks and time slips by.
  4. I have a cleaning and laundry schedule try really hard to stick to each week. It’s so much easier to do a little each day than letting it all pileup.

I know we are ALL busy! Some days it’s a grind. I approach each day being thankful for my healthy children, my health and my ability to do all of this. As I said, I love being busy and on the go. My mind doesn’t let me rest often.

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As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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