Mothers Day Gift Guide

All I can say; Moms are special. The only thing for certain that I knew I wanted to be in life was a mom. I don’t think I am any different from other mom in saying that motherhood is the most rewarding, and the most difficult job I will ever have.

I may value Mother’s Day a little different than you as I lost my beloved mom nine-years ago to cancer. Mother’s Day is a hard time for me. It brings out a lot of feelings. My mom is my hero, my inspiration and through her love, she taught me how to be a mother to my own children. One day, I will share my story with you on the loss of my mom. Right now, I’m just not ready. I miss her and think about her everyday.

Love you, Mom!

On this day to honor mom, make her feel special in some way. A little {or big} token of appreciation will truly make her feel loved along with spending time with her. Moms sacrifice so much of themselves to raise children. Think of something she wouldn’t do or buy for herself as a special gift to honor her. I promise, she will love the thought that went into it.

You can never go wrong gifting mom something personalized. My favorite necklace, I never take off, is one of those gifts. Another fabulous personalized jewelry item is the Kendra Scott Charm Bracelet. Start with a simple charm{s} representing the child{ren}, perhaps with an initial or color of their birthstone, and add to it each year with something sweet like this. It will truly create a memorable piece mom will always cherish.

Another sentimental gift for mom is a personalized family sign to hang somewhere in her home. After all, what means more to mom than her family.

If you’re looking to do some online shopping {better order ASAP} or hitting the stores, here are some of my picks for mom:

For The Active Mom:

For the Mama Who Needs a Break:

For the Glam Mom:

Luxury For Mom – Because She Deserves It:


Go ahead, just copy the link and text it to your hubby! He might be relieved to have some ideas šŸ™‚ Or heck, treat yourself to something, I am telling you, mama, you deserve it!

From one mom to another, I commend you if you’re a mom reading this. Your work is so important. I know it’s hard, frustrating at times, and I know you’re exhausted. Our hearts are truly fulfilled with our children, and it’s all worth it. We are blessed to have our babies. Be kind and forgiving to yourself, you are doing fantastic. I wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days!

As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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