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Oh hey, March 1st!! March is always an exciting month as a midwesterner. As the temps change, the days get longer, and we see some green grass sprouting, a feeling of rejuvenation happens. I’m definitely feeling excitement seeing the warmer temps for this week and realizing the extra sunlight we are gaining each day. This all seems to do something for the soul.

  • So happy to have my simple crew neck sweatshirt that says “Love Forty” {does anyone else get hung up on the spelling of forty? I have to think about it every time I write it!}. You all know I’m a tennis lover and this sweatshirt is the best of something I love and is fashionable.
  • Also to note in the photo above are my sneakers. I got them late in the fall and didn’t have a chance to wear them much. I am so happy to have them now! This shoe is a GREAT alternative to P448 and Golden Goose sneakers for a much better price. This style of shoe goes with everything from jeans, shorts, skirts to dresses. You all know I love my P448’s and I love the street style they bring to any outfit. Here are some of my favorite Vintage Havanas:

  • I’ve gotten asked multiple times where my wine glasses are from {I think they are beautiful too}. They were actually one of the most thoughtful gifts I have received. My brother, sister-in-law, John, and I went to dinner at Ardent in Milwaukee, truly an amazing dining experience {one of the finest restaurants in Milwaukee, if not the midwest}. We of course did the wine pairing menu and I casually mentioned I really liked their wine glasses. Low and behold, the same red and white wine glasses showed up under the Christmas tree that year from my brother and sister-in-law. My sister-in-law called the restaurant to ask what brand the glasses were and found them! I knew we were moving when I received the glasses as a gift and kept them packed away until we moved to our new home. It was like Christmas again to open these glasses and put them in our bar area. I adore the ‘tear drop’ design and simplicity of the glasses. I also think of my brother and sister-in-law each time I pour a glass.
  • Style Tip: roll up sleeves of long sleeve tops that are a bit too long. I was helping a client who had sleeves that were a bit long and the top looked frumpy because of it. All she had to do is roll the sleeves a couple of times to make the top look 100% better. This works for shirts with cuffs or a simple a knit top. It also helps proportion the body by seeing the narrowest part of your arms {your wrist}, which may not seem like a big deal, but it is! Try it next time. I almost always roll my sleeves and like to throw on some bracelets as accessories. The more we accentuate the smallest parts of our body {ankles, waist, wrist} the better you will feel in your clothing!

As always, thank you for reading and make it a great day!

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