Monday Montage

Shoulder-pad Sweatshirt

Happy Monday! Ugh, I am feeling so out of it today as Thomas was up with a bad dream for a while last night. Let’s just say I’m happy the sun is shining as that alone makes me feel better. I’ll be reaching for many cups of coffee today.

Hope you all had a fun Valentine’s Day! We had a *fancy* dinner with a tablecloth and candles. The kids made chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes for dessert. Lizzy is loving to be in the kitchen and is always asking to make something. It made for some fun activities for a freezing cold day we stayed inside.

  • If you are going to see one new trend this spring it’s shoulder pads!!! Get ready to bring the 80’s back! We started seeing shoulder pads in some tank tops last summer, but now we are seeing them in a variety of tops and a LOT more brands are adding this to their collection. I couldn’t pass up this simple cream sweatshirt with the shoulder pads. It takes a simple sweatshirt and elevates it so much – it’s currently $12 (reg. $15). It’s really soft and so comfy. You’ll be surprised how flattering shoulder pads are. This top is the perfect way to ease into the trend.
  • If you’ve followed for a while, you know I don’t wear designer sunglasses for everyday life. I lose them, and break them so easily. I learned I need some cheapies for everyday and I save my nice sunnies for adult only events. These two Amazon pair are floating around in my purse right now.

  • Sometimes I just crave a burger! It’s usually something I get when we go out. We grill burgers in the summer, but I’ve never made them in a pan at home. I don’t love to-go burgers {Culvers is fine when fast food is on tap} from DLUX or Vintage {two of my faves} because they get soggy and are just not as good for takeout. Sooooo, we tried our own with our Hestan Cue Pan! Here’s the recipe we followed. The best part of this pan is it tells you EXACTLY how long to cook the burger for it to be perfectly juicy. I was really impressed at the flavor of an at-home burger made in a pan. Definitely cured my craving. I am more impressed with the capability of The Hestan Cue cooking system each time I use it. So so neat! Use code ‘sarah’ for 20% off.

  • This vase has been a favorite item I’ve purchased for our home. It would look great anywhere from your kitchen, coffee table, or on the fireplace. It’s unique and looks a lot more expensive than it is!
  • If you’re toying with the idea of moving and have a home to sell {as we did – it’s so stressful} consider logging into this free class hosted by the experts of Buell Real Estate. It’s always nice to gain knowledge before making a big decision. Learn more and register here for the free virtual class.

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As always, thank you for reading and make it a great day!

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