Love at First Swipe!

My everyday lip love.

I don’t remember how I got my hands on this awesome product, all I know is the first time I tried it, I was hooked! Definitely love at first swipe. Fresh® Sugar Tinited Lip Treatment are my favorite things to roll on my lips for an everyday type of lipstick. I keep it in my purse at all times to ensure I am never without.

So, what’s to love about this little tube?

First, I know these colors can look really bright, but they are not. One reason I love them for every day is that they add a touch of color but nothing that is over-the-top. It’s the perfect lip product to add to your look to make you appear a little more put together for running errands, meeting a friend for lunch, or attending the preschool show. And for my non-lipstick wearing friends, they do make a sheer option, but I dare you to try a light color! I am currently applying either honey (more nude color), or tulip (fun bright pink).

Second, they have the most amazing, clean, fresh, citrusy scent – nothing flowery or too strong, a major plus in my world.

Lastly, and my favorite, is how silky they feel. Notice they aren’t called lipstick? But rather lip treatment? Seriously, it’s like applying the softest, most moisturizing butter to your lips. ESPECIALLY in winter, it’s the best feeling. I’ve had, have, and will try so many lip products because it’s a slight obsession of mine, but nothing has come close to the feeling this little stick packs in. Here’s the thing, they are much more than your average lip balm. They retail for about $25, but last for a year or more even with frequent use.

Because I loved the lipsticks so much, it was only natural to try the Fresh® Sugar Lip Polish when I was in search for something to slough off the dryness on my lips in winter. Not to my surprise, I love this as well. The same wonderful scent, gentle exfoliating element, and the fact it has lasted me for two years are all a bonus! LOVE IT!


These little sticks, and lip polish also make a great gift. I have gifted many! Then I will see my family and friends with multiple colors. It’s an addiction I tell ya, love at first swipe! Give one a try and let me know what you think. If you currently have this lipstick, let me know what color you have and love. I am always looking for a new fave!

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As always, thanks so much for reading! Make it a great day!

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