Here’s to 38!

It’s only fitting to shoot some photos after a fresh snowfall for a birthday post. I was born in a snowstorm in Arkansas {where it rarely snows} and MOST of my birthdays are freezing with snow falling.

John and I went to dinner last night to celebrate my birthday and today will be a low key day celebrated with pizza, a glass of red wine, homemade {from a box} funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting, and playing a game of Yahtzee {our families current fave}.

I am heading into this year feeling so blessed for the life John and I have together. My husband fills my heart with love, my children are my joy, this blog is my little slice of fun, and my husband, friends, and extended family are my support. I have so much to be thankful for. I feel content and confident with who I have grown to be. “Growing old is a privilege denied to many” – Unknown, it’s a quote I repeat to myself each year as it is so true.

In honor of turning 38 and sharing a little more about myself this month, I am sharing 38 facts about myself {in no particular order}:

  1. My favorite food is Pizza…and I can never turn down a taco!
  2. I can’t go to bed with dishes around my sink {maybe a glass but not dinner dishes or anything like that}
  3. I don’t enjoy leftovers
  4. I like my fruit room temperature
  5. I lived in Germany for 3 years when I was a young child
  6. I make our bed and the kids’ bed every morning
  7. I DO floss my teeth every night
  8. I actually like cleaning and organizing
  9. I avoid confrontation
  10. I’ve always been the type to have a small circle of close friends rather than a ton of friends
  11. 10 years ago John and I spend a month in Australia and New Zealand
  12. When traveling on an airplane alone, I will always choose the window seat so I avoid a random conversation with someone I will never see again
  13. I love all things accessories and go with the idea, more is more!
  14. Is black a favorite color? If not, I choose green…
  15. I love a beach vacation
  16. My first job was at a tanning salon when I was 15
  17. Both of my babies were huge – 9lbs 11oz, and 9lbs 8oz
  18. I enjoy driving long distances
  19. I love listening to murder podcasts
  20. I have a major sweet tooth
  21. I eat pretty much anything, I don’t love strong cheeses and have an allergy to raw oysters, but I’ll try anything!
  22. I like to fall asleep with the TV on
  23. My favorite place in the US is Napa Valley
  24. I prefer red wine over white – but like both, don’t get me wrong
  25. Right about now, I’m thinking 38 things about myself is A LOT!
  26. Dresses might be my favorite thing to wear
  27. I love a big city! I tell John I’d love to retire in one so we could walk to restaurants, shows, and shops….he says we better start saving more!
  28. I enjoy cooking and baking
  29. I don’t like walking into dark rooms so I turn a lamp on in all rooms when it starts getting dark
  30. I’m really bad at putting on eyeliner and just started wearing it consistently about 5 years ago
  31. I’m inspired by New York fashion/style. A smart wardrobe with classic pieces
  32. I classify myself as a friendly introvert
  33. I’m probably the only person who adds the tennis channel to their cable package – I love tennis, and Roger, and Rafa
  34. I’ve been to the Australian Open and US Open
  35. I’ve climbed the Sydney Harbor bridge – it was scary
  36. We traveled with Lizzy when she was 18 months to the French Rivera and Italy. I was afraid the Italian were going to steal her, they LOVED her blonde hair
  37. I met my husband when I was 15!!
  38. I didn’t know anyone at the college I went to {St. Mary’s College of Notre Dame}. However, I met my now best friend in the ID line on the first day

If you read all 38 of those facts, THANK YOU for your support of Not Your Plain Sarah Jane! I appreciate you so much. I am looking forward to sharing my next year with you.

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  • Happy Birthday Sarah. May God continue to bless you and your family with love, happiness, and good health. Thank you for the 38 facts. You are doing great things in your young life. Peace.