DIY Gel Manicure

No Appointment Necessary

For That Perfect Mani!

I used to get my nails done religiously at a fancy nail salon.  That was, until I became a mom.  It sounds so selfish, but it’s one thing I really miss being able to do consistently for myself. A fresh manicure makes me feel so put together and so good {why?}!  No, I don’t have time to go get many professional manicures these days, but I don’t let my nails go naked very often. I have the perfect, at home option that is instant drying and lasts for over a week!

The Sensationail® nail kit for at home gel nails has been an awesome alternative to salon manicures.  It allows you to use any regular polish {Essie Lighten The Mood in photo above}, is instant drying, and honestly lasts for a long time {about 2 weeks}. Plus, it’s really is easy to use!

The Sensationail® kit Includes:

  • Gel cleanser
  • Gel primer
  • Polish to gel converter {also top coat}
  • Lint free wipes
  • Mixing pot
  • Nail buffer
  • LED lamp

Like I said, it’s easy.  A step by step instruction guide is included and very easy to follow as well.  In total I would say the process takes about 30 minutes.

  1. Shape nails and cut cuticles
  2. Buff nails with small emory board included in kit
  3. Apply gel cleanser with lint free wipe
  4. Apply gel primer, allow to dry {dries really fast}
  5. Dispense equal amounts of your REGULAR nail polish and polish to gel converter in mixing pot
  6. Apply colored nail polish that has been mixed with gel converter
  7. Put hand under light for 30 seconds {light will automatically turn off}
  8. Apply a second coat of polish {I have applied three coats and it worked perfect too}
  9. Put hand under light for 30 seconds
  10. Apply coat of polish converter as top coat
  11. Put hand under light for 15 seconds
  12. Apply gel cleanser to lint free wipe and wipe over nails

**I am 99% sure the gel cleanser is simply rubbing alcohol {which I have used when my ‘gel cleanser’ ran out and everything worked as it should**

To remove this polish, you will want to apply 100% acetone.  I pick up this remover at a beauty supply store to ensure it’s 100%.  You’ll want to apply the acetone to a piece of cotton, put over nail, and wrap a small piece of foil over the nail to soak.  I leave on for a few minutes.

After these steps your nails are completely dry and ready for you to move on with your life.  No sitting and waiting to dry!  Your nails will be a beautiful color, shiny, and it should last for over a week.  Give this kit a try for those times you want to look manicured but can’t make it to a salon.  For the price {less than one manicure}, it’s worth a shot!  It certainly has done the trick for me.

As always, thank you for following and make it a great day!

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Photos for this post by Kaley Rae Photography

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