Children’s Gift Guide

Oh! Gifts for the children in our lives.  Christmas was the absolute best, most magical time of year in our home while growing up.  We didn’t really get toys throughout the year, but boy Santa always delivered and it seemed so special. I have to admit, I want to buy my babes EVERYTHING I see this time of year. The reality is, we DON’T NEED ANYTHING!!  I love the joy opening the gifts brings to their innocent little faces – the magic of the toys appearing overnight. But I have to tell myself a few will do!

When it comes to gifts for the kids, Santa will bring a couple toy wishes the kids have asked for {plastic junk, basically}, but for grandma and grandpa gifts, and from mom and dad, I try to think of something more practical and that we’ll have for a long time.  The Pottery Barn table and chairs have been used every day for 5 years in our home, the sleeping bags come out for movie nights and are used when Thomas stays longer at his daycare, and the suitcases are great to have to weekend trips.  I’ll also add some indulgent clothing or shoe items that I know a grandparent might be happy to gift, like Ugg boots 🙂

As far as toys, things that get pulled out and keep my children busy are Playmobile sets {I love the detail these little worlds have, and Lizzy does too!}, Duplos, and books, to name a few.  Here are some tried and true children’s items we have in our home that have been gifted, have been played with many, many times, and are also mom and dad approved. A win-win all around!

Children’s Gift Guide

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