Cami’s and Coin Necklaces

If there are two things to add to your wardrobe right now, it’s a lace camisole and a coin style layering necklace.  This trend is big right now.  I have loved every look featuring these items. You can wear these camisoles under so many things you have in your closet right now and they can be very affordable!

These delicate layering tops are so versatile.  You can take things already in your closet and put it over these trendy little tops.  Think a blazer, a jean jacket, cardigan, moto jacket or even an off the shoulder sweater.  For as low as $20 you can bring these pieces you already own up-to-date by adding a cami.

The camisole is one part of this current look.  The other part is the layering necklace.  Because the camisole leaves a beautiful place to showcase jewelry on that open chest, you might as well fill it with baubles.  Well, that’s my take anyway. The coin, or circle style necklaces are THE look at the moment.  Layer one, two or even three of these to look on pointe! Maybe you even have different lengths of necklaces in your jewelry box.  Go ahead, throw a couple on and see what it looks like! That’s the style right now.

The camisole and the necklaces can be affordable.  These are items that don’t need to be high end or expensive to achieve this popular look.  Think of how much wear you could get out of both of these items. You can wear the cami to work, nights out, or a more casual weekend look.  Take the plunge, add these two items to your closet and you will look like you are walking out of the most current magazine {or a loyal follower of Not Your Plain Sarah Jane!}!  I have picked out some of the cutest camisoles currently available and fabulous, affordable layering necklaces for you to shop.

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