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The six new items you need to complete the new natural look!

As I think many of you know, I attended a beauty fashion show at Nordstrom in Chicago last weekend.  It was a really fun event and I felt so honored to be part of it. On Friday, my bestie and I were treated to a makeover, apps, and drinks!  Does it get any better than that?  On Saturday, my sister and I attended the fashion show portion of the event and saw so many beautiful clothing items as well as learned about all the latest beauty products.

I was SO lucky to have Stella Mikhill do my makeup on Friday evening.  Turns out she is a pro/celebrity makeup artist that used to work for Oprah when she did her show in Chicago.  Stella mentioned her two favorite clients were Cindy Crawford and George Clooney {umm, yeah, I’m sure because they are beautiful!}. She was awesome to say the least.  I asked for a everyday look.  I was so excited to learn a natural look is IN! The current beauty look is to look radiant and flawless rather than tons of color.  I chose to have my make up done at Laura Mercier as I have been a loyal wearer of her makeup for about 20 years.

Product #1

Laura Mercier Flawless Face

My face is already a bit dry after my chemical peel, and using Retin-A each night.  Right away Stella suggested this AMAZING, thick, luxurious product infused with roses.  It’s a mask that you keep on. Apply this cream generously and leave on your face for 10 minutes, then blot with a tissue.  Now apply your foundation.  The glow it creates is perfection!

Product #2

Laura Mericer Brow Dimension Fiber Infused Color Gel

We know big, bold, thick brows are all the rage.  I have a brow pencil kit I use sometimes because I am not very good at it.  THIS product however, is so easy, and basically adds fibers to your brows to make them long and thick.  #lifechanging.  TRY IT!


Product #3

Laura Mercier TIghtline Kit (Exclusive to Nordstrom)

This is all you need for your eyes to achieve that natural look for your eyes.  Love Love Love, these eyeshadow sticks.  I have worn them for years, they are a cream shadow. They are so easy to apply and stay on.  The Au Natural is the perfect neutral matte shade.  The amethyst color is applied in the crease.  This eyeliner situation is perfection.  I am not good at eyeliner.  I was able to apply this and have it look great!  Plus, it stays on and doesn’t run.  Also, I love when kits come with instructions – bonus!  So helpful!


Product #4

Eye Basics

This is an eye shadow base.  You need to prime your lids in order to create the perfect canvas for your eye shadows.    You might have one, if not, this one is light feeling and does the trick.


Product #5

Laura Mercier Lip Glacè – Color Bare Naked

I am sure you all have a sheer gloss.  I needed a new one, so opted for this one. It’s not goopy and feels nice.  The one new trend I learned from Stella is the ombrè lip.  She simply put a color on my bottom lip and this gloss on the top lip and I pushed them together to create this natural, shiny and pretty effect!

Product #6

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator – Color Devotion

Believe it or not, I did own a powder highlighter!  I loved the shine and radiance of this one!  This really takes your look to the next level.  I apply highlighter to my upper cheek bones {close to my eyes}, center of nose and right above the center of my lips.

If you need any updates to your current makeup routine, these are stellar!  Plus, a lot of them ate 15% off right now. When is makeup ever on sale?


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As always, thank you so much for following.  Make it a great day!


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