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Ahh, Target, You Got Me AGAIN!

How many of us have our husbands convinced that every item {that created the huge total} at Target was a need?  I mean, I run out of toothpaste almost every two weeks, and laundry soap about every ten days, and deodorant every week – so naturally I am at Target every other day and my cart is only full of the necessities!  Yeah, right!  It’s the cute home decor, and affordable clothing items that end up in my cart to rack up that total.  Last time I ran into Target, I needed wrapping paper. Plain and simple.  Coincidently {since our Target is under major renovations} the accessories were right next to the party section, and well, I couldn’t contain myself.  Three new pair of earrings and a new necklace ended up in my cart. Three items were on sale.  That makes it okay, right?!

Here is what ended up in my cart:

Who doesn’t need a new tassel earring.  I had white but not black.  In the cart? Umm, yes!

Geometric shapes are really popular.  These are minimal, super fine, and light weight.  In the cart?  Yup, definitely need!

Resin is all the rage.  If you don’t have something like this, these are perfect and will go with just about anything.  In the cart?  You bet!

If you don’t have a layered necklace, you should get one.  I loved the little tassels on this one and it was on SALE!  In the cart – ummm, did you even have to ask?

All I have to say, is damn you Target!  You got me again.  That $30 wrapping paper was reeeaaallll nice!  Shop all of these looks below and some other earrings that I have my eye on. Happy shopping!


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