Immediate Care with SSM Health Virtual Visits

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If there is ONE thing that is the most stressful curveball thrown into my life – it’s an illness. Whether it be me or my children it’s hard and inconvenient. I admit that when one of my children has symptoms of any illness I watch it very closely and err on the side of caution. I don’t let it go too long before making an appointment with a professional. The piece of mind knowing they don’t have anything really serious, or that we got medication as soon as we could, makes me feel a lot better.

Scheduling and making time for a doctor’s appointment isn’t always easy. Having a husband that travels frequently leaves me solo parenting during the week. It’s inevitable the kids {or myself} seem to come down with something while he is gone. Packing up the kids to go to the clinic is pretty much my worst nightmare. Who has time to work around someone else’s schedule? Not to mention the other germs or viruses we are exposed to just form walking into the clinic.

Would it sound too good to be true to tell you you don’t need an actual clinic visit for acute issues {sinus infections, pink eye, flu, diaper rash…just to name a few} any longer? Well, you DON’T! All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and you can get your concerns addressed from a medical professional when and where it’s convenient for you.

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