White Labor Day? Yes!

White After Labor Day

It’s mid-way into September. Have you pulled out your white denim to wear? I hope so! Let’s discuss the age-old question, “Can I wear white after Labor Day?” Yes! You most certainly can!

I go along with the story that wearing white after Labor Day became a faux pas in the days when New Yorkers vacationed to their beach home in the Hamptons during the summers and wore all their white, summery colors while at the beach. When they came back to the city to start work in the fall, they left their “beachy” clothes in the Hamptons because they simply didn’t have room in their NYC closet for all of their clothing. I’m sure a little bit of economic status went along with this fashion ‘schedule’ and thus the “rule” may have started. It certainly is NOT a fashion ‘rule’ {although I think my grandma and mom may disagree}.

White Jeans with grey cardigan

Now, I am not saying anything in your closet that’s white may be appropriate for a fall outfit. I stop wearing linen and other light, flowy fabrics that scream summer – quite frankly it’s too chilly to wear them in the Midwest anyway. If you’re wearing white, think a thicker {warmer} fabric. Denim is my favorite way to add the crispness of white to styles in fall, specifically these favorite white jeans. I love the contrast between white and grey, and white and camel. The combinations are some of my favorites.

White Jeans with a Grey Sweater

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White with animal print is also one of my favorite combinations! Again, it’s a blend of a lot of neutrals and so chic when all styled together.

Along with animal print, I LOVE adding some handsome plaids in the fall. Pair your favorite plaid piece with white jeans and I promise you will look seasonal and trendy.

White jeans with over-sized plaid blazer

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Basically, all I’m saying, there are no rules to white after Labor Day. Wear it, love it, own it! The fashion police won’t get you!

Thank you so much reading. Make it a great day!

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