Unicorns Are Real

Real Popular That is…

They are mystical, magical, and pretty. I can understand why the love for unicorns is real. I have the most amazing six-year-old daughter, Lizzy. Of course I am biased, but she is MY unicorn. She’s gentle, caring, and her overall beauty, both inside and out, amazes me.

Having a six-year-old girl bop around our house has brought on unicorn frenzy! I am confident to say this is a trend among all girls approximately ages 4-9. The thing is, it’s so easy to find cute, pretty items decked out with these mystical creatures that I had to share some of our favorites.

Think about any item, clothing, backpack, shoes, art supplies, or toys. We have it all either as a unicorn or with a unicorn print. It’s almost become a sort of “hunt” these days looking for unicorn items.

First and foremost, having a fashion lover mom, I am always on the lookout for cute and tasteful unicorn clothing. Last spring I was shopping in Chicago and ran across this unicorn jacket on display as I was walking through Water Tower Place. It was like the sky’s opened and this gem was sent from unicorn heaven. I knew Lizzy had to have it! Once I got farther into the store, I also HAD to have this dress. Pair the dress with these shoes and, Oh! My! it’s a unicorn palooza! …And while I was searching for unicorn items for this post, I ran across this dress and it may have hopped in my shopping cart – it’s an addiction, I tell ya!


But the frenzy just doesn’t stop at clothing items. Lizzy sported this backpack for Kindergarten (along with about 3 other girls), we fix any owies with unicorn bandages, draw unicorns all day with fun unicorn art supplies, and often find ourselves ending our day snuggled up reading a unicorn book.

Like I said, these items are really easy to find. Target is an easy and accessible place to find many cute pieces; Paper Source sports some of the cutest unicorn items (especially when throwing a unicorn themed birthday party, which we’ve had two of – that’s a whole other post!). But surprising places to find unique and affordable unicorn items are H&M, Forever 21 and HomeGoods! I find they have similar items to Paper Source but are much more affordable. This dress from H&M is $5 and we grab it all the time to throw over our swimsuit to head to the pool.  This cup and lip gloss from Forever 21 make the perfect birthday gift.

For all my Madison followers, let’s not forget to shop local. Tradition children’s boutique, located in Middleton, carries one-of-a-kind unicorn clothing items, jewelry and headbands; perfect for that special girl in your life.

Aren’t all these unicorn items just candy to your eyes? I think it’s so fun that Lizzy and I are always on the hunt for them, it’s made for some fun mother-daughter shopping trips. Hopefully now, your doubts that unicorns are real have subsided, as they are EVERYWHERE!

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As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a magical day!

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