Tradition Children’s Market

One Amazing Children’s Shop!

Hi!, this is Tradition Children’s Market, a fantastic children’s clothing store here in Madison.  I want to introduce you ASAP to this gem as I’ll be referencing this place frequently!  Tradition has been the rock to my children’s “fancy” clothing for the last couple of years.  Upscale, specialty children’s clothing was nearly impossible to find around town until this store opened its doors. Maybe you don’t have children. Perhaps you do have grandchildren, a nice or nephew, or need to buy a baby gift.  This is why you NEED to know of this place!  It’s perfect for any babe in your life.

Tradition is located in one of my favorite towns, Middleton.  I love heading to Homegoods, Costco, then popping over to Parmenter Street to hit some of my favorite local shops.  I often end my shopping day with a cookie from one of the great bakeries around {do you love how I incorporate snacks into my shopping escapades? I can’t help it! I have a major sweet tooth!}.  This quaint boutique has the perfect special occasion wear for that child in your life, or that really well made play-wear you have been wanting to find. If you are an expectant mom, I wouldn’t even go in this store, because your life savings will be spent on new things for your baby. {Just kidding, if this is the case you MUST check out this shop!} Truly, the cutest, softest, trendiest baby clothing I have seen. No, I don’t have babies any more but this is my go-to store for baby gifts.  Not only is the clothing bar none, but the children’s accessories (hats, mittens, headbands, socks) are A-dor-able too.  Tradition also stocks really nice, natural, durable specialty toys and books as well.


We recently made a fall shopping trip to Tradition {with grandpa in tow; a great way to shop, I might add 🙂 }. It was fun for Lizzy, my six-year-old, to try on a few things and have some input as to what she liked and will {actually} wear.  This is a great store to allow her to pick out some options, as everything is tasteful, and I don’t have to talk her out of something she is attracted to {ya know like those neon, huge words on the front type shirts}. Here a couple of things Lizzy, I, and grandpa agreed would be perfect additions to her wardrobe.

We must test the twirl factor, and this dress passed with flying colors!  This is Lizzy’s weekend uniform, a knit dress and leggings.  This dress is so soft and simple and a great value. These leggings add that uniqueness with the lace and button detail.

This Widgeon vest is not only MY favorite thing we brought home, but also Lizzy’s.  She pets it the entire time she has it on {lol!!}.  It adds that pizazz to any outfit and vests are something that last for 2-3 years as they don’t have to zip to wear them.  A really cute addition to any little girls closet.

The first time I laid eyes on this dress I was in love.  I think this will be what Lizzy wears for our family pictures.  I was attracted to the large floral print and the stripe belt.  I think it’s so classy, yet little girl, and oh so fall!

As for Thomas, well….he’s a bit of a challenge to shop for as he is quite thick {!!} these days.  I have had a really really hard time finding him pants {besides sweats} he can get on and off himself {which is important while he is at preschool}. Have no fear, Tradition has come to the rescue! I am a huge fan of the Hoonana pants stocked at Tradition.  I love that they have some stretch, look awesome on, and do not have buttons or ties.  They are pricy, $44, but I buy them a size larger than I normally would, roll them up and we get about 18 months of wear out these pants. Which makes the price worth it. I have heard from many other boy mom’s that they also love these pants, so make sure to give them a try.

I was not about to attempt to put Thomas in outfits and get photos {I would have lost my mind}. Instead you’ll have to settle for some flat lays of some of my favorite items currently available for the little boys. I love the collared shirts Tradition offerers for that preppy look. This black and white gingham shirt is thick, and stretchy = perfection!        

Not only is the store stocked with the cutest merchandise, but the staff is very friendly and helpful. Over the years completing many shopping trips here, I have befriended Jen, the owner.  She is the sweetest woman.  I admire her tenacity to open this store in Madison.  Jen is so willing to help coordinate outfits, order a size if needed, and truly goes above and beyond to create a special shopping experience.

Lastly, a couple of sweet outfits in baby sizes.  I couldn’t take a picture of every baby item as every piece is perfectly cute and sweet for any baby!  Many of the baby items coordinate with the kids wear.  This makes coordinating outfits for photos or special events so easy! I must admit, I’ve never seen this many amazing hats in one place.  Who doesn’t love chubby little cheeks and gummy smiles with a cute hat?!

Make sure to check out this gem of a store for that special child in your life, whether for your own little one, or for that perfect gift.  Don’t be shy to bring your children shopping with you. This well thought out children’t boutique offers a kid approved playhouse and toys that will keep your little ones occupied.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the new arrivals and specials being offered from Tradition. I love stopping in this store to just look around and say hi to the friendly staff.  Now that I’ve introduced you to this lovely shop, I hope you go visit SOON!  You and your babes will happy you did!

As always, thanks for following, and make it a great day!

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