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Blonde Bob hairstyle

I have a secret to tell you, I’m not a natural blonde. I feel like I am because I grew up a blonde, and like most, as I have aged, my hair has gotten darker. I’ve tried going my natural color, and that was a disaster – just not me at all. Even my friends and family admitted they didn’t like it. So, I color bleach my hair a lot to get the color I like. I love a cool, almost purple-ish tone to my blonde. No gold or warmness.

Bleach, really isn’t the best thing for you hair – I know, big surprise! However, if you take care of your hair properly and use great products, it’s actually doable.

Here’s what I do to keep my blonde bob in good health:

  1. Wash my hair sparingly. I know, gross, but it works and is SO much better for my hair {essential that I can still [with shorter hair] pull my hair back in a pony the farther I get away from wash day}.
  2. Keep my hair out of the sun {wearing a hat protects our face, but also our hair!}.
  3. Try and let my hair air-dry for as long as possible – not exposing it to as much heat from the blow dryer.
  4. Use great products! Yes, it’s an investment, but I wouldn’t be able to be as blonde as I am without great hair care. My hair would be breaking, dry and frizzy.

I personally buy all of my hair products from my hair stylist at Alan Koa salon. I like to support the salon and allow my stylist to make a little commission – she deserves it. I warn you to not buy this high-end brand at places like Walmart or on Amazon, as I don’t think they are the real products {especially at a lower price}. There are companies that make knockoffs of many beauty products, so be aware if a deal seems too good to be true. I am linking everything through the brand’s website to ensure it’s the real deal.

Shampoo- Kèrastase Bain Ultra-Violet Purple:

This is a new product for me, within the last month, and a new line to Kèrastase, but I am already in love with it! For all of you who go blonde and like the cool {white/platinum} tones, know your hair can turn golden or brassy very quickly. This purple shampoo will help keep that fresh salon cool tone longer! It smells awesome and isn’t as drying as other purple shampoos I’ve used.

Conditioner – Kèrastase Ciment Anti-Usure:

I have a few ways I condition {I know, very high maintenance!}. Some days I simply use my standard conditioner, which works well and perfect when I need a faster shower routine. About once a week, I mix my purple conditioner with my normal conditioner to really help keep out the brassy tones. Additionally, once a month, I use a hair mask for extra conditioning. The hair mask was essential when I had longer hair, but I still love the shine it gives my shorter cut today. I don’t feel like any of these conditioners weigh down my hair at all.

Heat Protectant – Kèrastase Fluidissime Anti-Frizz Spray:

This is a holy grail of great hair {one of two for me}! This anti-frizz spray is a product I started using with longer hair, but cannot live without today. I spray this on my wet hair before I comb it out; it acts as a detangler too as my brush glides through my wet uncombed hair. It smells so delicious and protects hair from any heat I’ll use for styling, up to 450 degrees. It also protects against humidity and gives hair a fabulous shine. Seriously addicted!

Hair Serum – Kèrastase Rèsistance Sèrum:

Holy grail product {of very blondified hair} #2! I started using the product when I had long hair and was getting a lot of breakage from the coloring process around my hairline. I needed to repair and nourish those fine hairs because it didn’t look great having a ton of breakage around my face. The Rèsistance Sèrum is an oil and cream combination that repairs hair at the core. Since I’ve used this product, no more breakage. I apply this serum before I blow dry to the ends of my hair. The smell is insanely good and seriously works like magic.

In my current hair routine, I don’t use any styling products such as a volumizer. I occasionally use hair spray. My current bottle of choice is Sebastian brushable spray, it’s a light hold, which I like.

Yes, these products are an investment, but since I don’t wash my hair often they last for a looong time. I maybe buy shampoo three times a year, conditioner twice, so over a year it’s not bad. My salon also runs specials which I take advantage of. I see Kèrastase is currently running a friends and family sale {which is amazing! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen their products on sale}!

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Photos for this post by Alan Koa hairstylist, Tohria

As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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