That Summer Striped Dress & Bamboo Bag

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your week is off to a great start.  I know for so many of us, the summer schedule is winding down and we are thinking of the grind of school starting soon.  I am still trying to decide if I like the rigid schedule school brings, or the not so demanding schedule of summer.  With my type-A personality the schedule and predictability of school kind of works for me and the kids better….. but I do love letting my babies sleep until they wake up.

I am loving that so many of you are stopping by Not Your Plain Sarah Jane to shop, read, and hopefully be inspired!  It has brought me so much joy and I really appreciate your support.

Now onto the good stuff! I wanted to share this pretty, and classic summer style with you.  I saw this dress on a website and I just bought it.  I didn’t have anywhere to wear it, but a couple of things about it made me think I needed it ASAP!

If you’ve read a little bit about my style, you know I am really attracted to stripes. That’s the first thing that got me about this dress. It also has a little peek-a-boo hole in the torso area, right below the tie, and I thought it was a tasteful way to incorporate the cutout trend. Lastly, the sleeves are really pretty, flow-y, and elegant.  Given all of this when I saw it on the Vici website, I ordered it right away!

Let’s talk the other show stopper here in this look, the bag!  This bamboo, structured bag has been all the rage beginning last summer.  I saw it on so many style blogs and I was really attracted to it.  I didn’t buy it last summer because I wasn’t sure the trend would last.  Boy, was I wrong. Once again this summer -it’s everywhere!

This is the original bag.  It’s beautiful, and I have looked at it in person in the store and couldn’t bring myself to buy it for that price. I searched around and found a dupe on Amazon for under $40!!  I told myself this is not going to be something I use often, and I am not going to carry a lot in it {think mostly going out; phone, credit card, and lipstick} and it probably isn’t going to stay stylish for too much longer {I could be totally wrong about this, but this was me talking myself out of the expensive one}.

I received this bag quickly {yay Prime!}, and instantly loved it.  I gives my outfits the perfect summery look for the lower price tag.  It comes with the cute scarf to tie on and overall it looks perfect for the price.  When you’re walking down the street, or have this handbag on a chair at a restaurant no one is going to know if it’s the expensive one or not!  I get so many compliments on this bag, and I know you will too.

This is the perfect summer look for a night out, a bridal shower, or your anniversary dinner.  It’s comfortable, cool, and so stylish!  Have a great week!

Photo Credit for this post: Kaley Rae Photography

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As always, thank you so much for following along and make it a great day!

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