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Amazing selection of shoes AND really cute boutique clothing


Madisonians, in case you don’t have any plans this weekend, I’ve made some for you.  Here’s what you do.  On Saturday morning you head to the capitol for the farmer’s market, then you head a few steps away to State Street and go shopping at Shoō.  After you’ve tried on many pair of shoes {because seriously there are too many amazing styles to chose from}, and perused their adorable clothing items, you go get a slice of pizza at Ian’s. You will have worked up an appetite from all of the shopping you just did.  Those of you not in the area, don’t fret, you can purchase all of their shoes online!

Ok, seriously.  You need to head to this store if you’re intending to spice up your fall and winter shoe wardrobe.  This gem of a boutique is located right off of capitol square, on State Street. I have shopped here multiple times knowing they have one the best shoe selections in the area.  I love the laid back atmosphere, really nice and attentive staff, shoe selection {of course!}, and surprisingly, really great and affordable clothing options.  Oh and I can’t forget, the locally made, unique, jewelry. Overall, the vibe is so Madison, and the selection is definitely on trend.

Booties booties EVERYWHERE!! How can you even choose a pair?  I’ll take them all? Do you see the hint of camo on the back of the black ones?

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”shoo-booties” title=”Shop these booties”]

These platforms, are so so cool!

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”platform-shoes” title=”Shop platforms”]

Shoō carries the best boots for running around in snow and slush, all of these are waterproof.

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I mentioned Shoō also has a really great clothing area {located a in the back of the store, so don’t be shy to keep walking towards the back}.  Last time I popped in looking for shoes to wear in New York, I strolled to the back of the store and stumbled upon multiple clothing pieces I really liked. And {surprise} I ended up purchasing two summer dresses.  I adore a lot of pieces they are currently stocking. I am currently obsessing over their fantastic sweater selection.

Chunky, cozy, oversized sweaters are everywhere this season, and Shoō has a great selection to complete this part of your fall style.  Not only are they comfy, and soft but they are all under $100! You can’t beat it!  Look how cute these outfits are featuring some of Shoō’s perfect sweaters and on-point shoes.  *I should note, Shoō does not offer online shopping for clothing.  You’ll have to stop in the store to shop clothing items.

Look #1

The softest, chenille material, hi/low hem, blue/grey sweater with the most versatile, waterproof bootie.

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”shoo-blue-sweater-look” title=”Shop this look”]


Look #2

As homey as your robe.  It’s soft, long and hooded.  Perfect for those chilly nights or curling up on the couch with a good book and coffee on a chilly morning.  Again, these perfect booties.

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”shoo-long-sweater” title=”Shop this look”]


Look #3

Leggings, a chunky sweater, and ultra comfortable, stylish sneaks?  Can this be my fall uniform?  This sweater would also look great with a front tuck in jeans.  These shoes are by far one of my favorite styles for the season.  A sneaker with attitude!

[shopr_shopthepost collection=”shoo-black-and-white-sweater” title=”Shop this look”]

I know we can order shoes online from national retailers, with free shipping and free returns.  I know, I do it frequently.  Here’s the thing though.  With shoes, it’s important to get the right fit. That’s really hard to do when you are not able to compare different sizes and styles. That’s why I love to try on shoes in person rather than order online.  Shoō carries everything you are looking for to enhance your shoe wardrobe.  Take the short drive, and shop in the shadow in our beautiful capitol.  You won’t be dissapointed.  Maybe I’ll see you strolling the farmers market.  That’s on our weekend agenda!  I love all of the fruits and veggies available this time of year.  Have a great weekend!


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Thank you, as always, for following, and make it a great day!

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