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It seems like so many of us these days in quarantine are loving all the self care! It does make us feel better to spend a little time on ourselves. It’s also been fun trying to new looks with hair and makeup to wear around the house. I know I’ve played with my makeup the last few weeks {trying to perfect eyeliner}.

I am calling this post the mother of makeup because I am sharing pretty much everything I have in my makeup organizer. I don’t wear all of this everyday. Depending on my mood and the look I’m going for, it’s a mix up of all of this.

Foundation/Base Products:

Primer – When I’m getting ready for long day/night and really want a great makeup application, I use this. I love the glowy look it gives and it really helps the makeup glide on and stay on.

Sunshine Drops – To add a little faux color, in winter, I simply add a pump or two of this to my everyday moisturizer to add a little life to my skin. It’s a clean beauty product and NOT a self tanner. It washes off at the end of the day.

Tinted Moisturizer –  To even out my complexion for and everyday lighter coverage look, I use this product. I’ve used it for years and I love it! Color – Nude or Natural

Foundation – When I am going to a special event, or taking professional photos for the blog, I will wear a ‘real’ foundation. It’s a little black dress for my face. I LOVE how light this foundation feels for giving SO much coverage. Color – Ecru

Pressed Base Powder – Perfect for adding some extra coverage over the tinted moisturizer. I’ll wear as part of my everyday makeup routine. It is a build-able powder, so can give a lot of coverage. Color – 04

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Eye Makeup

Brow Dimension – This easily fills in brows with tiny fibers and a little color. A lot more forgiving than a pencil.

Eye Shadow Base – Colorless and light. Prevents creasing of eye shadow, allows true color of shadows to show and shadow stays on all day with this as the base. It has amazing reviews.

Eye Shadow Sticks – A quick and easy way to apply eye shadow. Colors – Champagne Beige {Gold}, Amethyst {Plum}, Au Naturel {Matte Nude}

Cream Eye Shadow – This is SUCH a fun type of shadow. Only use a little for everyday makeup, but could layer and make more metallic for a dramatic look. It doesn’t crease and stays on all day. Really neat product. Color: Amber Gold

Basic Eye Shadow Palette – I have been eyeing this palette for a long time. I love the matte finish. It would be perfect accents to the Amber Gold Cream Shadow mentioned above. Color: Matte, The Sophisticate

Liquid Eyeliner – Dramatic and dark. It glides on easily and stays on all day!

Powder Eyeliner– This a cake eyeliner that is applied with a slanted brush. It’s forgiving to put on and perfect for lining the interior eyelids. It doesn’t stay on all day for me and isn’t dark black.

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Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter:

Blush – This wand is so easy to use and I’ve had it for years. A cream formula {a little goes a long way}. It’s so neat to have a highlighter on one end too! You can also use this as lip color. Color -Berry Whisper/Nude Glow

Bronzer – I’ve had this for a while and it definitely does the trick. It’s not overly sparkly. It lasts forever too! Color – Bronze – 04

Highlighter – So glowy, gives a dewy look. I apply high to cheek bones and under arches of eyebrows, you can add to more places too. It’s SUCH a pretty color! Color – Goldgasm

 Setting Powder and Spray:

Setting Powder – This is the cult product of Laura Mercier. It was the beginning of setting powders and all makeup brands try to make is as good as this one. It sets makeup without adding extra weight and truly gives a flawless look. Great for photographing too.

Setting Spray – Leaves a subtle glow to skin, but not glittery. Sets makeup, especially great for humid/hot days.

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Nude Lip:

Nude Lipstick – Peachy hued nude lipstick Color –  Bitch Perfect

Nude Lipstick – Brown hued nude Color – 174

Lip Pencil – Works with any color, nude, natural look. Color – Subculture

Lip Gloss – I put this over any color lipstick, gives the perfect shine. Color – The Nude Slip

Lip Balm – This is really repairing for lips, ultra moisturizing and also looks great alone or over any color. LOVE THIS!

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Well, that’s a whole lotta products to play with! I have to admit I like trying the latest and greatest. Plus, so much of these items last forever, the collection grows quickly. Many of these products never go on sale, so even 10% off is nice to get when you can! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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