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Oh hey, it’s me EVERY weekday morning on the way to school drop off. I roll out of bed and throw on some version of this outfit. I have to put my workout clothes on right away or there’s no chance of getting one in. I also wear something like this running errands or when I want to be comfy at home. I’ve had these items for years and they’ve stood the test of time in both quality and style. These are my favorite athleisure pieces.

Ok, so you can maybe tell that my favorite athleisure items are from Lululemon. I will be honest and I have tried plenty of athleisure {so happy this is a word} from other retailers and I just don’t genuinely love them like I do these pieces. I don’t LOVE everything at Lululemon either. I have tried quite a few items I don’t care for too. These are my key and favorite pieces.

Let’s talk leggings. I’ve tried SO many, maybe not all of them, but a lot. These are hands down my absolute favorite. I’ve worn Zella and tried a pair recently from Athleta and I just don’t care for them (really at all). I own four pairs of these Lululemon leggings. I’ve had one pair for seven years (since I was pregnant with my now 7-year-old) and I just can’t say enough about them. I know they are an investment, but 7 years of wear at least once a week….I’ve gotten more than my monies worth.

Here’s what I love. They are high waist, stay up, feel like nothing is on (made to feel like you’re naked!), and they have worn SO incredibly well. The cons – they don’t hide cellulite or hold you in, and they are not warm.

I wear them for all my workouts and just for comfort in general. I wear a pair pretty much every day. The next time you are by a Lululemon stop and try them! Every friend that’s tried them, loves them. I don’t really even love any other leggings at Lululemon. Other styles I’ve tried roll at the waist or shimmy down…neither of which I enjoy. Since they are so stretchy, you can size down. I wear a 6 in these leggings (normally an 8).

Lululemon jackets can be tricky. I know what you’re thinking, they run so small. Don’t let size be a factor in your decision. I always size up one, or two sizes. This particular style of jacket is great for a jog, or while warming up at the gym. It’s fitted and easy to move in. I usually pair a vest over this jacket – it makes a great layer. I size up one size in this jacket – to a size 8.

I like the length of the Stride Jacket II. I wish mine was a little looser. It’s pretty tight so I pull this one out when I’m having one of those days where I am feeling really good. It does hold me in quite a bit through the tummy area which I like – it’s quite flattering. I would size up at least one size in this jacket if not two.

The Scuba Hoodie is an absolute favorite of mine. It’s so soft and warm. I love how far the zipper zips up the neck for a really cozy look. My trick for a great fit {more comfy} is to size up two sizes. I have a size 10 and I love the way it fits. It’s a little longer and roomy that way.

My favorite sports bra to pair under my jackets is the Energy Sports Bra. It’s really comfortable and great for most workouts. I am happy to see that Lululemon has really expanded their bra selection to fit larger sizes and offer more support. I actually wore this one when I trained and ran in a half marathon, it offered great support and was so comfortable.

I haven’t had a new piece of Lululemon is about 3 years but they all are in great shape and are classic pieces. All of these items are washed almost weekly. Make sure to follow the suggested washing instructions. I wash my Lululemon lycra/spandex pieces separate from cotton and dry on low heat with no dryer sheet. My items have stood the test time by following these instructions.

I am sharing this post this time of year because I really enjoy getting a piece of Lululemon for a gift. Bonus, my husband feels comfortable going in this store to make a purchase! It’s not as intimidating as some other stores may be for men as they have great workout gear for men too. The leggings and the jackets all come in so many fun colors and prints – there is sure to be something for everyone.

I usually pair a vest over this athleisure look for an extra layer and to cover my bum a bit. I love this Northface or Patagonia vest. They are a classic and are popular year after year.

I also run out of the house every {cold} morning in my Uggs! It’s basically wearing a pair of slippers that are acceptable for out of the house. Perfect for getting into a freezing car.

As always, thank you for reading and make it a great day!

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