Monday Montage

Happy Monday! Welcome to the first edition of Monday Montage. This is something I *hope* to do each Monday. There are so many random little things I want to share with you and I would like a way to casually and quickly put them down somewhere for you. These thoughts don’t warrant their own blog or social media post – but perhaps a ‘montage’ of little ideas can make up a blog post?? Well maybe, we’ll see!

I have to credit my best friend for helping me come up with the name. I often bounce ideas off of her and it brings me right back to our college business classes. Thanks, Jamie!

Monday Montage will be thoughts, ideas, or favorite things. Think a favorite recipe, book, or a new restaurant I tried. Sort of like if I were having a conversation with you about my week over a cup of coffee or glass of wine….Hope it sounds fun!

Coming off of birthday week, we had a quiet weekend at our house. I received the 100 Cookies, by Sarah Kieffer {a fellow Minnesotan!} for my birthday and I let Lizzy pick a recipe to make. We made the peanut butter cookies and they were amazing! Not like we needed any sweets in the house but it was our Sunday activity. Even if you’re not a baker, the book is beautiful to display in a kitchen – blush pink with metallic gold {under $12!}, yes please!

  • Just in case you don’t have it yet, this professional blowdryer is on a flash sale like I’ve never seen before. Regularly $225 NOW $60! I’ve had so many of you purchase it and tell me how much you love it. It really does dry hair faster and is gentle on the locks. I don’t think you’ll regret this purchase for the price.
  • I really don’t have {or make time} to watch many shows. John and I are usually still bustling about until 9-10pm with life and then we are ready for bed. However, I have been watching Emily in Paris on Netflix while I’m folding laundry or getting ready from my phone and I have to say, it’s right up my alley. Fashion, Paris, Marketing…a little Sex in the City-ish.
  • I’m working on some kitchen styling this week. I really want to try and bring one of these landscape art pieces into the kitchen. They are such a pretty way to get a pop of color and for the price it’s worth a shot. I’m thinking a 5×7 size, maybe the frame a little larger. I’ll keep you posted if I try it.
  • I talked my favorite leggings last week. They are the ONLY leggings I will wear at the moment. I did get some feedback on a few other brands I have never tried. One suggestion that came up a few times were these. I just ordered them to try as they are on major sale {under $30}. They look identical to my favorites. I’ll let you know!

That wraps up the first Monday Montage! I hope you liked it!

As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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