Monday Montage

Same old, same old weekend update. Nothing crazy, but certainly not taking for granted the warmer temps and sunshine. My mind is still spinning from watching the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry. The whole time I’m watching I was thinking of their safety after sharing all of this. What courage! Anyway, if you didn’t watch, very interesting.

  • Happy National Women’s Day! Did you know I attended an all women’s college? Yes! I went to Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame. It was absolutely the best decision for me in so many ways. On a daily basis I was surrounded by amazing, intelligent, fearless women who knew no boundaries to success. The camaraderie and support we had for one another was exceptional. Many of these women are part of my life today and some of my biggest cheerleaders. I must not leave out my mother, of any woman I knew/know, she was the example (as a single mother) that a woman can and will do it all.
  • Nordstrom is making room for all things summer. These booties (I have them in snakeskin) are an unbelievable price. I’m ordering the tortilla suede color to have for fall. I’m certain they will be back on the Anniversary sale at $99.90 as they have been the last two years…just sayin’ they are a great price now!
  • I need some more no-show socks to wear with sneakers. I read a lot of great reviews on these. I ordered them to try for $11.
  • I was recently doing a return at Nordstrom Rack and saw they were carrying the Patchology line. Remember that amazing foot peel I did? That was this brand. I picked up the Lip Mask and Hand Mask (sold out most places but found it at another retailer) to try.
  • I’ll continue to share about my Lumispa facial brush and Hestan Cue Pan. Since they are products that come directly from the company and not a major retailer, I will leave them linked on my blog homepage. If you are ever curious, simply click the photo to get more information, hopefully that makes it easy for you.
  • Tonight I am making a family favorite dinner. I’m so grateful my friend passed along this recipe as the kids love it and it’s healthy! If you love sushi (more like California rolls), this is the perfect way to get that taste at home. What I love about this recipe is you can make/chop everything ahead of time and have it all ready for dinner.

As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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