Monday Montage

It’s the last Monday of February! How?! I really try and not wish away my days or time away, but having February come to a close isn’t making me sad :). Our weekend was really low key. The highlight was our first family ski day. It’s not all fun and games. Just getting the kids’ gear on is a workout. Then when they fall, getting them back up while you are sliding down the hill backwards, is pretty comical too….. All in all we had a lot of fun. It was a great way to enjoy the warmer (above 25º) temps.

  • I’ve received a couple of messages about what bra to wear under my favorite ribbed tank. It’s a racerback tank (which makes it so flattering) so we want to avoid showing bra straps. For a sporty look, I like to pair this sports bra under which has the same lines (I love wearing this bra whenever I can!). I also have used these bra strap clips to adjust regular bras, or you could opt for a racerback bra.
  • I’ve been using my NuSkin Lumispa facial brush for two solid weeks. I can definitely feel the difference in my skin after using this brush. It not only removes makeup well, but I can tell it’s sloughing off dead skin and that my pores are wide open for my skincare products to penetrate deep into my skin allowing maximum benefits. All the details of this facial cleansing brush can be found here. Let me know if you have any questions about it too!
  • I’m reading Make Life Beautiful by the Mcgee’s. Yes, I do like their style and am creeping their Instagram frequently for home furnishing inspiration. This book is more about the start of Studio McGee, the company, and I am finding it very inspirational as a female entrepreneur. It’s easy to read and I enjoy how the book is written. I do wish the book had pictures to reference when they are talking about certain projects. Instead, I am reading and then searching their Instagram for the pictures – maybe that was their intent….
  • Speaking of making life beautiful, I have been into following Vivi Margot on Instagram. She lives in France, I adore her style, and the items in her shop are so dreamy for kitchen decor. I personally enjoy the french country aesthetic and have definitely taken some that {with a modern twist} into our home. I love the neutrals, rustic elements and polished, yet lived-in look of it. I recently watched an IGTV where Vivi explained having the decor in your kitchen also be what you use daily. This idea is both practical and beautiful – think beautiful copper bowls and rustic cutting boards. This cutting board I use in our kitchen has been a HOT item. It’s a fun shape to display but also great for charcuterie platters or just daily chopping.

As always, thank you for reading and make it a great day!

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