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We experienced our first snow over the weekend. It seemed to have come on so fast this year. I think I am having a hard time grasping how far into November we already are! John and I tried a new restaurant to us on Saturday night, Cadre, and it was delicious. It’s a French inspired menu; I had to get the moules and frites and it was the best I’ve had in Madison. Other than that we enjoyed what may be out last quiet weekend before every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas break has lots scheduled.

  • Off the shoulder, cold shoulder, shoulder cutouts are everywhere for tops right now! This sweater is simple, classy yet as the trendy little cutout and comes un multiple colors. Here are some of my favorite sweaters that feature the cold shoulder at the moment:

  • I have been planning Christmas decorations (we don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving). This tree stand is a must have if you get a real tree. It makes the process so much easier! It’s a bit of an investment up front, but it will be one you won’t regret. I shared it in my Instagram stories and those of you that have it also agree it’s amazing. I joke that it saves marriages.
  • I’m eyeing this style of modern wreaths. I feel like I could make this for a lot less, so I’m contemplating buying or making. I would put one on our front door and in our kitchen. This is a $20 option that’s simple. I would spray paint the hoop and bells gold to fit in with my decor, but the price is right!
  • Cranberry Jalapeño Dip: This easy appetizer is PERFECT for any holiday gathering. It’s my sister’s recipe that’s always a favorite she brings to our Christmas gathering. Don’t be afraid of the jalapeños, it’s not spicy. It’s the perfect combo of savory and sweet and really fresh tasting.

2 oz fresh uncooked cranberries

2 green onions

1-2 fresh jalapeño peppers, ribs and seeds removed

2 Tbsp cilantro

3/4 cup sugar

1 Tbsp lemon juice

1/8 tsp salt

16 oz cream cheese, softened

Ritz or Club Crackers

Chop cranberries by using a hand chopper or pulse in a food processor.

Chop green onion, jalapeño peppers and cilantro (can pulse to food processor too).

In a medium-sized bowl, combine the chopped cranberries, green onion, cilantro and jalapeños with the sugar, lemon juice and salt and stir gently until blended.

Cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator overnight.

Remove cranberry mixture from the fridge and stir. Strain out all the liquid.

Use a hand mixer to whip softened cream cheese smooth (about 2 minutes) and spread cream cheese over bottom of a pie plate or 9×9 dish.

Pour cranberry mixture on top of the cream cheese (refrigerate until ready to serve.)

Serve with crackers (Ritz or Club are a favorite).

As always, thank you for reading and make it a great Monday!

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