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Can you believe today is the 1st of February? For this slow change of lifestyle compared to a year ago, the days are still going fast.

This weekend we soaked up the snow with sledding adventures at two hills and our really big ‘to-do’ was watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I’ll be totally honest, these Harry Potter movies are really not my thing. They freak me out and are so dark. However, Lizzy loves them and I will go along with anything that promotes her reading and using her imagination. She’s giddy to share all the details as the movie goes along {as I’m trying to hold down my popcorn}.

  • Speaking of Lizzy {my 8-year-old}, she LOVES nightgowns and it’s been my mission to find some decent ones for her. I am not a fan of Carter’s or Gap as the material is that weird fire-resistant material and pills. Hanna Andersson only makes toddler prints and Mini Boden doesn’t have any. Basically, I was like where can I buy my daughter a simple nightgown? Well, I took to Amazon {you all know how I am about Amazon, a little leery} and found what looked like some boutique brands and gave them a try. We now have these three {pictured below} and they are ALL great. Really soft material, a comfortable fit and they have washed like a gem. Super sweet styles too. If you have a little girl in your life one of these would make the most perfect Valentine gift.

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  • So many of you jumped on the facial self-tanner bandwagon! If you missed my post or stories last Tuesday, I shared how much I love these facial self-tanning drops. I was pretty nervous to try them, but they are subtle {more drops=more tan}. They even out the skin and give a beautiful glow. So many of you messaged to say you love them too. I haven’t had any problems with streaking and the best part – NO self-tanner smell. I use 1-2 drops about 4x per week.

  • I brought out this Christmas gift we hadn’t opened yet…digging for dinos. The kids loved it! A little messy, but easy enough to clean up.

  • A lot of questions and comments about this bag I featured yesterday. It is very cute, the perfect size, and what mom can’t use a cute tote? This would make the cutest baby shower gift too and it’s a great value, $35.

  • I think I am going to jump on these sandals now. Last year they were a huge hit and always sold out. I love the square toe and the fact they will go with everything!

As always, thank you for reading and make it a great day!

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