Monday Montage

How are we here – AUGUST?! I know we all feel summer is flying by. I’m going to make a conscious effort to slow down a bit this month and truly soak in these days. We leave on Saturday for our family vacation to the beach for a week and I can’t wait! This week I will focus on packing and organizing to get us ready to go. I can’t wait t have some non-scheduled time together! Needless to say, my mind is all about the beachwear right now (even though for most, the season is winding down).

  • I never thought I’d try a swimsuit from Amazon, but I was so curious I pulled the trigger on this one. Surprisingly, I like it! The fabric is thick and the quality is good for the $35 price tag. There isn’t a ton of support for the bust, but the built-in cups do the trick and the ruffles really make the top of the suit look great. Runs a little large.
  • Heading to the beach means finalizing the swim lineup as we’re in our suits all day. I purchased these maxi skirt cover-ups and have already been wearing them to the pool!
  • I have really appreciated this anti-humidity spray the last few weeks with the humid days. My fine/thin hair does not keep curl in the summer. This spray is key to keeping curls and life to my hair this time of year. After I curl my hair, I spray a little all over then run my fingers through curls. You can also spray on hair prior to curling – wither way, it’s an awesome product.

As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great Monday!

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