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It’s a busy week for Not Your Plain Sarah Jane! The Nordstrom Anniversary starts! I’ll be sharing my picks starting this week and keeping you up to date on what is stocked and what is sold out. Make sure to tune in!

This weekend I hit the 10k mark on Instagram!!! I can now offer ‘swipe ups’ on my stories. This will make finding sources and links so much easier for you which, I am very excited about. I can’t say thank you enough for all of your support and shares to get me to this milestone. I’m feeling very grateful to start this week!

  • I wear this pullover all.the.time. The nights have been chilly lately and this is my go-to. Every time I wear it out of the house I get compliments on it! It runs large, but I stuck with my true size, medium, for a relaxed/oversized fit.

  • Over the Fourth of July, I made this frozen cocktail to serve (actually my pregnant sister whipped it up for me :)). It was hot and humid and a boozy slushy really hit the spot. What I love about this cocktail is you can freeze the mixture and pull it out to whip up a fun cocktail if an impromptu porch gathering comes up. ** I added Grapefruit Spindrift instead of soda to top off the drink. I didn’t think it needed any more sugar.

Brandy Slush

2 Cups boiling water

4 Green tea bags

7 Cups water

2 Cups sugar

1 (12oz) Can frozen lemonade

1 (12 oz) Can frozen orange juice

1 Fresh lemon (optional)

2 Cups brandy

Leave teabags in 2 cups of boiling water until cool, then squeeze bags out. In a large pot bring 7 cups of water plus the 2 cups of sugar to a boil. Cool. Add can of frozen lemonade, can of frozen orange juice, fresh lemon(optional), tea, and 2 cups of brandy. Combine all the ingredients. Freeze for 24 hours before serving (due to alcohol it won’t freeze super hard). To serve: put 2 ice cream scoops of mix in a glass. Top with Squirt soda (I used Grapefruit Spindrift). Mix to soda ratio is 50/50 (if you are using a larger glass). Serve with a straw.

  • I ordered these plastic outdoor tumblers for porch/patio drinks (perfect for brandy slushes)! They wash up well and won’t show scratches or imperfections from the dishwasher (which tends to happen with this material). They had tons of 5-star reviews on Amazon. I ordered 4 pink and 4 blue. They are a nice size (not too small) for serving ice water, iced tea, and lemonade too!
  • A hot seller for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the Barefoot Dreams blanket. I have this exact one and I absolutely love it. The entire family fights over it when it’s movie time! If you’re wanting a Barefoot Dreams blanket there are similar ones for half the price here. The overall feel is the same, but they are a tad bit thinner. You really can’t go wrong with the cloud-like feel of these blankets! I would change my entire house over these blankets.

As always, thank you for reading and make it a great Monday!

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