Monday Montage

How are we in the final week of January? For life being pretty boring and nothing on the calendar, the weeks are going by. We had a weekend of snow fun with lots of sledding and a little skating. It was nice to meet some friends for some outdoor time. Chatting with a friend in person is such a treat right now and quickly fills my bucket.

John and I had a fun little date night cooking on Friday. I loved all the tips you gave about making risotto. We used a cast-iron skillet per a recommendation and it turned out so well {took a while, but we got it!}! The scallops turned out amazing {which was a surprise}. I used my Hestan Cue Pan that walked me through each step and I couldn’t believe the sear we got on the scallops. I’ll be talking more about this pan in the upcoming weeks. Right now, I am practicing and learning so I can better share it with you. I also Pinterest almost all of my recipes – follow me there if you’d like!

  • These glass jar cups for kids are definitely a winner!! They come with lids that have a hole for a straw or a lid without a hole which is the perfect little snack cup. I’ve been using these for everything! I’ve sent yogurt parfaits in school lunches in them and have stored leftovers. They wash up so easily in the dishwasher and the colors are fun. I could definitely see expanding my collection.
  • If you saw my quick Instagram story about my new vacuum, you know I am in LOVE! Not the sexiest topic in the world but SO necessary. I am a little bit of a vacuum-a-holic. I grew up with a mom who would vacuum almost every night after dinner….and well some things just get passed down. I was looking for a vacuum that was gentle enough on our hardwood but also uber-powerful for our carpet. This is it! I had a Dyson upright and this puts it to shame. I wasn’t overly thrilled about the canister style {hello 1970!} but you get used to it and I LOVE how well it cleans which is most important to me. I will also be looking at a cordless stick vacuum for every day. My kids are SO messy!!! Now that I am hooked on this brand, I am going to try the Meile stick version too.
    • I purchased my vacuum from a local home store Court and Main. Andrea, the owner, is a follower of mine and a true gem to work with. Feel free to reach out to her via Instagram or call her with any vacuum questions. She was nice enough to offer any of my followers 15% off with code SARAH. This is huge as you won’t see this brand discounted at big stores. Also, this code works on most things from her store – check it out. So. Much. Good. Stuff! Everything can be shipped – anyone in the country can take advantage of this offer!
  • Keeping it exciting <insert eye roll>, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this robe. It’s so luxurious after a shower, but also the BEST to throw on if you’re freezing while lounging. The zipper front and more fitted sleeves {like a sweater} are my favorite parts that make it so wearable compared to other robes. Hurry, the exact color is stocked in all sizes. They sell out fast!
  • I received these leggings to try per some recommendations from followers to compare to my all-time fave leggings. I just have to say, they are not the same. I feel bad saying that because some of my good friends told me to try. They are good, especially for the price, BUT the fabric felt a little more like tights to me and bunched behind my knees which I don’t enjoy the feeling of. Sorry, these will remain my #1.

Ok, I think that’s enough for today! I hope I didn’t bore you on these topics, but they are necessary, right?! Life isn’t all about the best lipstick and designer sneakers {at least not around my house!}. I’m also glad I got to cross ‘posing with a vaccum while trying to look cute’ off my list of life acomplishments šŸ˜‰ Have a GREAT last week of January!

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