Monday Montage

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I truly felt loved by my family as we celebrated Mother’s Day. I took a nap on Sunday; it was glorious and truly the best gift. I love how women really come together on Mother’s Day and send wishes and love to all the mama’s they know. I smiled at the texts and messages I received throughout the day, it was so uplifting. Speaking of mom-life, this dress is mom-life perfection!

  • I don’t have any dresses like this! This dress is performance fabric, really lightweight, and perfect for travel, waterparks, or a 100º humid day. I’m impressed by the style; the drawstring waist and tulip hem make it very flattering for this being an athletic feeling dress. Multiple colors are available. It’s going to become a favorite in my closet. Runs true to size.
  • I shared a really cute Moto jacket I brought in for a client on my Instagram last night, and multiple people requested the link. Here is this really cute jacket.
  • Let’s chat Birkenstocks. I get this question frequently, “Are Birkenstocks stylish?” In my opinion, no. Not really. They are trendy right now. Do I mind them? No, not on other people. I don’t choose to wear them as a fashion shoe, but do have the water version in white. I understand they are really comfortable and practical, but I think there are so many other cute sandals that give a more refined look if you are really trying to elevate your style. Don’t just love Birkenstocks because they are easy. There are a lot of cute slip-on shoes out there that are easy to slip on. If you genuinely love Birkenstocks, wear them! They generally go with a specific style and that’s probably yours if you love them.
  • We recently upgraded our pillows on our bed. We purchased them from Court and Main and I am highly impressed. We both have slept on Tempur-Pedic {as they came with our mattress}. I switched to some awful other pillow and it was time for an upgrade and refresh. John has been loving this cooling pillow. It’s not as firm as the Temper-Pedic, but still, the memory foam feel. I opted to try the shredded latex because I like my pillow a little softer, yet still supportive (I don’t love a feather pillow) and I am hooked! This pillow has shredded latex and gelled microfiber. There is some weight to the pillow, yet it’s soft and offers plenty of support. It’s really neat technology. They also offer a charcoal pillow and one infused with lavender. The prices are good too! If you’re wanting to try, use code SARAH15 for 15% off any pillows.

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