Layered Necklace

We’ve seen the layered look with necklaces around for a while, but recently this trend has become front and center of accessorizing. I personally love it and can’t get enough. Taking a simple tee or button-down shirt and adding the right necklaces really elevate that simple look. The neat thing about this trend is you can customize it to your liking. I am sharing three different layered looks for you – you take what you like from them and create your own.

In each of these layers, I have on my everyday sentimental necklace with Lizzy and Thomas’ initials on it. This necklace is so delicate – it’s almost like it’s not there. It’s one of my most asked about items I have featured on the blog. I never take it off {except when I get really fancy and it may not go with the dress}. This initial necklace is definitely one of my favorite things.

Everyday Layered Look:

Starting off the layered looks with a refined layer. The necklaces are smaller and more dainty, but they still create a beautiful look. This would be perfect for every day. Note: The ball necklace closest to my neck is actually rose gold, but I think it all goes well together.

Ball Necklace

My Everyday Initial Necklace

Round Initial Necklace

On Trend Layered Look:

The next layered look is very trendy! The chain-link necklaces are all the rage!! I like them, they add a little edge {especially cool with a moto jacket or band tee} and are generally affordable. Side note, I have also LOVED my dainty chain link bracelet that coordinates well with the necklace.

My Everyday Initial Necklace

Chain Link Necklace

Horn Pendant Necklace

Chain Link Charm Necklace:

This chunky, edgy statement necklace is so fun to wear with the right top. I love it with a v-neck. I think it will be fun in summer with a basic tee and jeans. Plus, it’s $40 – not going to break the bank.

My Every Day Initial Necklace

Chain Link Charm Layered Necklace – color gold

Add a layered necklace look to your next outfit. You will look very trendy and polished. I hope you try it soon!

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As always thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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