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Levis 501 Jeans

Can we all agree shopping for jeans is probably the worst thing to shop for? Shimmy-ing into, squatting to see if they stretch, and undoubtedly bursting into a little sweat, makes jeans my least favorite clothing item to shop for.  However, jeans are such a major part of our wardrobe, we gotta do it.

I am going to attempt to help you by sharing the jeans I currently have in my closet that are on constant rotation {for the winter months}. I am by no means saying the jeans I am going to share are going to work for everyone. Jeans are the most specific item you buy for your body type so it’s tricky. Perhaps I’ll get you thinking to try a different brand, or try a new store in search for the perfect pair.

You don’t need to have a TON of jeans in your closet.  You need a few good fitting pair in a blue color, a white, and a black pair. When you’re getting dressed, sorting through fifty pair of blue jeans can be confusing and overwhelming. Remember the fact we just organized our closet?  Do you really wear ALL of those jeans?  I have three styles I wear regularly {of blue denim color}.

You’ll also notice, I wear a few different brands. Honestly, I could care less about the brand of jeans. I want a good fit, comfort, and good quality. For me it could be Gap, Old Navy, WHATEVER, just give me a good fit. Here is my current lineup:

 Top Shop Jamie Jeans

These Top Shop Jeans are my most worn style. I own three pair of these jeans, each featuring a different detail.  They are a high waist skinny fit.  I love them because they are really stretchy, a thick denim, and do not stretch out while wearing them. Overall the quality of these jeans are fantastic and the best part is they are only $70. The quality is better than some $200 jeans I have owned. They truly amaze me.  These jeans do run small, I would suggest sizing up.


Levi’s 501

These baby’s were a recent addition to my jean collection. Guess what? They are old school jeans with NO stretch.  And you know what?  I kind of like it. These Levi’s 501’s are also a high waist fit and feature a tapered leg.  I love the step hem at the bottom with a little fringe to make them really unique.  These will be tight when you get them, but this true, o school denim will stretch out. I suggest ordering your true size.



This is a new brand for me – GRLFRND! I haven’t treated myself to a new pair of designer jeans in a long time.  When I put these on they were immediately flattering. Again, no stretch, so I call them “real jeans.”  They are going to feel tight the first couple of times you wear them, trust me they will stretch to become more comfortable. In a sense, they become softer over time and almost meld to your body shape. These jeans wear like a fine wine – they’ll get better with time. High waist in style, and a straight leg.  A refreshing style from the popular skinny cut. I would suggest ordering your true size.

Jeans I am lusting over….

Yes, I try things on, but I can’t have it all {don’t we wish?}. Jeans that are on my wish list:

Frame Black Skinny

When I recently made a shopping trip, I tried these on.  I instantly fell in love!  I had to decide between these and the GRLFRND pair I shared above.  Since both of these jeans are on the pricier side, I couldn’t have both.  I decided for the pair above, but it was a hard decision. Frame makes a lot of styles of jeans, but this is their “cult” pant, if you will.  Many people try these and become obsessed with the brand. I can see why after trying these on; they are like the holy grail of black skinnies. They are soft and stretchy and oh, so good! They are on my wish list, and as I am writing this I really wish I had them in my closet. If you don’t have black jeans – try a pair.  You’ll wear them a lot, they are great to dress up! These Frame brand run true to size or even a tad large. You may want to size down since they are so stretchy.

Seven For All ManKind – Alexa

You guys! These Seven’s are so incredibly soft and stretchy! Again, it was a hard choice in the fitting room they day I tried these on – but I was shopping in fall and looking for a full length jean. You can’t tell from this picture, but they are so soft, almost like a knit {sweat-pant} feel. These are the perfect spring/summer jeans and I am certain they will be making it into my closet. Pair with a button down top and wedges and you are looking so fab!

Free People Jeans

If you are a loyal follower {and thank you if you are!} you know I really have a thing for the Free People brand.  I have yet to try a pair of the Free People Jeans, but I think I might.  They are at a great price point of $78, and have overall great reviews. It would be worth it if they were awesome! Plus, I really like the holes {or distressing} on the knees.

For my local followers, we here in Madison, Wisconsin have some great local boutiques that carry big name jeans. Luceo, located in Middleton had a fab selection. If you’re bopping around Hilldale, check out Twigs for a local store or Madewell and Lucky Brand for great denim options!

Lastly, do not shy away from altering or tailoring jeans. For me, I have a much smaller waist than thigh/hip area and the waist can gape. I’ve had this part of the jean professionally taken in for a better fit. It’s so worth it. The same goes for length. It’s hard for petite women to find a stylish jean short enough – altering is what you need!! It makes such a difference, and you’ll end up wearing those jeans so much more.

Do you have a favorite jean? If so, drop me a comment below so I can check them out!

I hope this inspires you a little bit in finding this very important staple to your closet. Never be shy to try on a million styles and brands. I am a firm believer that’s how you’ll find the perfect pair.

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As always, thank you so much for following and make it a great day!


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  • Recently bought Hudson and love them. Don’t stretch or bag out at all. Found a pair at Marshall’s on major clearance ($20) and original price of $189. May love that even more 😍
    Have seen them there a lot so you may get lucky if you hit it right!