How to Wear Silk Scarves

Accessorizing can really top off an outfit and bring items that are otherwise plain and simple to the next level. Right now, smaller, silk scarves are everywhere and are really easy to wear to elevate any outfit.

Of course, there are the designer brands of silk scarves, Hermès, Gucci, and Chanel that women have been coveting and wearing for decades that are truly a timeless accessory. However, to create a sophisticated, classy look with silk scarves doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of affordable options to pick up and start styling it with your everyday looks right away. I’m going to share with you some very budget-friendly options and a few ways to wear these little silk scarves.

The particular animal print scarf shown in the photo below is from H&M and technically a hair scarf! Although I am not finding the exact print online, here is the same set of scarves I purchased in different color options. I really like this style to tie around the neck as there is no extra material to fold, it’s thin and easy to tie.

Simple wrap around the neck looks great with so many tops
Similar Scarf

Keeping the scarf tails long, almost tied like a men’s necktie is a really easy way to tie these thin scarves and creates a great look.

Keep the tails long to show off the fun print of the scarf
Similar scarf, Blazer, Coin Necklace, Sunglasses

This scarf (similar to scarf in photo) creates a different look with its square shape; definitely a common look of silk scarves. I think it’s really fun to layer a silk scarf over a turtleneck. What do you think? I like an asymmetrical look and turning the pointed end of the scar to the side.

Mixing the delicate fabric of a silk scarf with a harsher texture such as leather is a great way to feminize a look. Adding a scarf to a moto jacket is a great idea.

Since this style of scarf is listed as a hair scarf, let’s not forget how adding a silk scarf to your hairdo can add so much pizzaz to a rather boring hairstyle! I love tying one on my short ponytail. With longer hairstyles, the possibilities are endless!

Add a scarf to your ponytail for a fun twist

If your feeling stuck in a rut with some plain pieces in your closet, don’t be afraid to add a silk scarf to change up your look. It certainly can be an affordable way to accessorize and look mighty stylish.

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As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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