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I love receiving and giving beauty products. As a busy mom, it’s not always the first thing I think of buying for myself. It’s certainly a luxury to use a high-end lipstick, shower gel or body lotion. I feel pretty and special when I use a body cream like this {since this has run out, I haven’t replaced it, but I sure wouldn’t mind another jar!}. Here are a LOT of beauty ideas for that special beauty lover in your life.

A few of my favorite beauty items:
Bronzer, Rose Gold Skin Mist, Lip Balm

One of my most frequently asked questions is about what makeup/products I use. You can see my everyday makeup routine in a full blog post here. These are all products I use and are tried and true. The illuminator, bronzer and caviar sticks would make perfect gifts.

My Everyday Products:


A lot of favorite items are in the everyday category, but worth noting I LOVE my Clarisonic Brush and use it every day. I think it’s the perfect gift that someone may not buy themselves. It really helps slough off dead skin and truly removes all makeup. This affordable eyeliner is so easy to use, and a new favorite of mine {I am not good at eyeliner} and would be a great gift with an eyeshadow palette. Lastly, this eye brush set is so good for the price, I am adding their basic brush set to my list this year.

My Favorite Cosmetics:

There are so many fun hair accessories right now, why not do a little hair theme gift with an accessory and product? I love these headbands with the pearls and this purple shampoo is amazing for cool tones blondes.

Hair Accessories and Products:


If you know a gal who loves beauty products, I’m guessing lip products are a fave! I think they are an easy gift from the beauty department as they don’t have to match a skin tone {usually}. I have gifted this beautiful plumping lip balm and it was loved by the recipient. Again, maybe something you wouldn’t buy yourself, but a special gift. I’m also a fan of these tinted lip treatments and the gift set is so cute! This lip gloss and “lip slip” are something I reach for daily and add the perfect shine!


Even a beauty product lover like me has a wish list! Seems there are new things on the market every day! I would love to try this overnight lip treatment, or this illuminating cream eye shadow that won Allure’s best in beauty award, or this glo set, these silk hair sleep products or yeah….you see all the wishes below!

My Beauty Wish List:

Happy Shopping!! Can you make a beauty gift purchase without throwing something in the cart for yourself?! It’s hard for me šŸ™‚

As always, thank you for reading and make it a great day!

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