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Welp, it’s October 26th, it’s grey, cold and it’s the second day I’ve been watching flurries dancing from the sky. I am absolutely a Christmas AFTER Thanksgiving person. I usually host Thanksgiving and leave my home fall feeling until after I host. I like to give each holiday their proper day to shine ;). This year, I’m not hosting Thanksgiving as we are building a home and it’s not quite complete.

In anticipation of a new home to decorate, I’ve been poking around for updated holiday decor. To be honest, this is not going to be the year I’ll have the house looking amazing for Christmas. I’m thinking there will still be lots of disorganization and boxes around. Nonetheless, it’s fun to see what’s out there and dream {my husband was really excited when I told him we can now have two trees since we will have a finished basement.}.

Our new home is VERY neutral. On our main level, I envision a tree to match that style. For the basement, I can see a very traditional tree with all of the kids’ favorite ornaments {afterall, those homemade ornaments are the best, right?}. I love traditional Christmas decorations and that’s mostly what I have. Right now, I’m searching for more neutral items. I’ve gotten lots of inspo from McGee and Co. – no surprise there!

Given the flurries are falling and the fact you have to buy Christmas decor BEFORE Halloween {or else the good stuff is gone, I’ve been burned the last couple of years}, I’ve put together some of my favorite neutral decor for the season. I am in love with the tree collars this year. They really bring a clean look to finishing off a tree and aren’t going to break the bank.

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I change my home seasonally and so much of that seasonal feel are the natural elements displayed throughout the home. For the winter season, I love using eucalyptus as greenery. You can actually use this year-round too! How pretty is this wreath with the pinecones? I’d leave this up all winter, even after the holidays. I also leave pine trees up until after Valentine’s Day – it’s a seasonal decor item, not just a holiday item.

While I won’t be decorating for Christmas anytime soon {we need our house first!}, I don’t have a problem purchasing a few items now and keeping them tucked away until the time is right.

As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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