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La Lingerie

640 W. Washington St. Suite 201, Madison

THIS is a place all local women need to know about! La Lingerie in downtown Madison is a hidden gem.  It boasts an amazing selection of lingerie, sleepwear and swimsuits.  This particular post is not going to focus so much on the amazing service they offer to find the perfect fitting bra {I’m working on that for a later time}. Rather, given we are in the thick of gift buying I am wanting to create awareness of its existence for lovely sleepwear which is always a good gift idea!

What woman does not love the perfect lounge set?  Cute comfy pants and a cozy top are what I look forward to each evening.  I have to admit, I don’t often buy these things for myself, but come holiday time, there is at least one pajama/lounge set on my list. Locally, La Lingerie offers some fabulous, luxurious options.  This is a high end shop and the quality of the sets offered are bar-none.  This lounge set I’m wearing is the absolute softest ever.  Isn’t is cute?  I am pretty sure one could run a few errands in this and no one would know it’s pajamas.  I know this top could be mixed into your everyday wardrobe.  Simply perfect.

Just as awesome as a comfy lounge set, is good robe.  I usually throw on my warm robe each day while doing my hair and makeup after my shower. In winter I wear a fluffy warm one. This Natori option is ah-mazing!  So velvety soft and the sherpa trim just screams wrap me up! Every woman should have a luxurious fluffy robe in her bathroom {hint, hint, great gift}.

Who needs just one fabulous robe?  In summer, I wear a silky, cooler robe as I am getting ready. This option is gorgeous. I also love packing this type of robe when traveling.  Again, it’s the fabulous Natori brand, which I am highly attracted to.  The silky fabric is well, so delicate and these colors and print are so tranquil.  I would NOT mind this under the tree at all!

Lastly, what better stocking stuffer than lush underwear?  La Lingerie has you covered for this as well.  Seriously, their offerings are amazing.  Many of their underwear are one size fits all, so no guessing when it comes time choose a size.

Although focusing on gift items for this post given the time of year, It would be a disservice for me not to mention that La Lingerie offers private, in depth bra, lingerie, and swimsuit fittings.  Ladies, THIS is how you should be fitted for bras. This is the foundation of what we wear and makes a huge difference in how the clothing we wear looks.

La Lingerie offers EVERYTHING for your bra needs. They stock sizes 30A-48J and other sizes can be ordered.  Need a special bra for a dress or top? They have it!  Nursing? They offer amazing options in both bras and sleepwear. Since their fittings are so specialized, appointments are suggested.  Check out their website for all of this information.

Basically, I cannot sing enough high praises for this boutique.  For Madison being a relatively small town, this store offers a big city selection of high end, opulent intimates for women.  The staff is so friendly, educated and will make you feel at home in a heartbeat.  Don’t forget about this lavish boutique we are lucky to have so close.

As always, thank you so much for reading and make it a great day!

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