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I like makeup, I like trying the latest and greatest, but I am by no means a makeup blogger or expert. Rather, a mom that has a quick everyday routine trying to hide those bags under my eyes. I have switched up quite a few products in the last few months and I really like what I am using.

Step 1 – Eye Brows:

Since my makeup routine is quick I don’t get too detailed with a brow pencil each day. Instead, I use this amazing product by Laura Mercier that fills in sparse spots and adds little fibers to your brows to make them full. It’s very easy and effective. Color – Brunette.

Step 2 – Eye Shadow Base/Eyelid primer

This product is very new to me, but so far I love it. It’s really lightweight, no color to it and truly prevents creasing. It also allows the true color of your shadows to show and keeps them on all day. This product came highly recommend to me from a makeup artist and so far so good!

Step 3 – Eye Shadows

To be honest I use a bunch of different shadows. I really am not partial to any. In the photo above I am wearing a brand new item – this cream eye shadow; the tiniest amount is needed for great color and it stays all day. Color: Rose Gold or Bette.

This highlighter is amazing! I wear it as a highlighter on my cheeks and usually put a little in the arch my eye. Color – Spotlight.

Step 4 – Eyeliner

I am terrible at eyeliner! I just don’t understand how you gt a perfect straight thin line? Needless to say, I am ALWAYS trying new eyeliners. This is my current favorite {and I’ve been wearing this one for a while}. It stays put all day. I only wear this liquid liner on my upper lids. I use an oldie but goodie, Lancôme pencil on my lower lids. Color – Black.

Step 5 – Mascara

I feel like I am the only woman who does NOT have extensions. I am actually very lucky to have nice lashes and I am content with a little mascara. I love a plastic applicator as I feel it allows me to really get each lash and not clump them together. This one is also very buildable. Color – Black.

Step 6 – Undereye Brightener

It seems like all my favorite bloggers are using this so I purchased it after the women at Sephora confirmed it was amazing. I have really bad wrinkles under my eyes {for my age}- probably from being a sun worshiper in my younger years. This product is amazing!!! It’s totally different than a concealer as it’s shimmery and almost white. It really helps me to look fresh and awake as it brightens the under-eye area. Color – Light to Medium.

Sometimes I also put a little concealer under my eyes. If I do, I use this concealer which is awesome! I put it in the tear trough. It has great reviews on every site and sells out frequently. It is currently at one retailer 25% off!

Quite a few products for the eye area – I know! Hopefully one of these items helps you with your routine. It’s amazing so many of them are on sale right now!

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As always, thank you for reading and make it a great day!

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