A Year in Review 2021

Happy New Year’s eve! I love looking back over the year and seeing what you liked and what you purchased. It’s always a bit surprising to me!

I close the year with so much gratitude for you! I ended the year totally exhausted and a little burned out. But as I look back I truly love sharing these outfits and inspiration with you! It brings me joy and happiness. The fact I am tired and exhausted from doing something I love is an honor and I am excited for more in 2022!

Have a wonderful celebration tonight! I’ll be in my favorite lounge set, eating cheese, drinking wine, and playing games with the kids! Cheers to the new year!

Top 10 Items of 2021

I’m really not surprised by anything that made this list! All of these items are in constant rotation and are my favorites. The number one item was the Flare Jeans! It’s clear that swimwear is what we ALL want to find and purchase based on recommendations. I am always skeptical of Amazon fashion, but this suit for $34 is amazing! The only leggings I wear (I have 6 pairs) are worth every penny. All of these items are practical and comfortable!

For the home, this runner sold like crazy (available in many sizes). Sadly, I spilled turkey brine on it at Thanksgiving and had to get rid of it. I replaced it with something else that I don’t love nearly as much. I am tempted to re-order this one again. The colors are much prettier in person. It’s also a great price point!

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As always, thank you so much for reading, and happy New Year!

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